Thursday, November 13, 2014


I'm not saying anything...

Song for this post here.


  1. Where's the song for that post? And the alcoholic beverage?

    1. I added a song just for you.

  2. I always check his stuff out. I noticed lately a resurgence of really heavy and manly shoes on gals. And, of course, everyone he shoots is impossibly skinny. Not slim, but skinny.

  3. So, of course, he just made me a liar. Today he posted a woman in Dubai who is not impossibly skinny. Sigh.

    WAIT!!!! I just went to his actual site. THAT'S A MAN in the picture. I couldn't tell in your smaller picture. I just thought it was a hairy woman. Sheesh...

  4. Replies
    1. Are you laughing at me? Are you laughing at me? Are you laughing at me? Are you laughing at me? Good thing I like you....

    2. Laughing with you.

      I also noted the heavy clunky shoes in the other photos - reminds me of WWII fashions.

    3. I thought it was 'just a woman with questionable taste....' all ok with me, as I do as well: visited the site: thought, 'oh it is just a woman advocating no longing shaving ones legs', also something I think is just fine: THEN I saw it is a man.......well, there Are guys who are 'curious' I think they call it: but not just about what wearing a skirt feels like Good thing this guy is not in Syria, et al.
      btw: Everytime I Use The Word 'Guy' now I flinch. I feel like I should not use it. re: remember, remember, the fifth of November: and I think I read that this was the beginning of the popular use of the word 'guy': I am prob. wrong. but I flinch nevertheless.

  5. He doesn't have the hips for that skirt. .


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