Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring clean up: First, the blog.

This morning I went through the archives deleting posts - it takes so much time and as far as I know there is no easy way to do it.

I'm trying to eliminate 'gossip' posts and the negative-complaint style of posts - rants, and so on.  In the process I've come across posts wherein I thought I was being humorous, although it now comes off as sarcastic and flippant - I didn't think it was funny.  In fact the majority of what I post is rather embarrassing.  I almost deleted the blog.  Someone suggested I keep all the old writing - but it's worthless to me now.

There are a very few posts I think are worth keeping, otherwise it's been a waste of eight years and countless hours.

I know I write about quitting or deleting my stuff from time to time - and do nothing - but lately it really strikes me as a waste of time.

It's not just the blog.


  1. A blessed Easter, Terry and all! Christ is risen! He is truly risen!

  2. But Terry, you really have no idea what use the Lord can make of it....even the rants. I have never seen any post I thought was over the top or scandalous on your blog. And someone searching may need exactly what you wrote even if it seems useless to you now. Everything we write is all "straw" but perhaps it is a straw that will be the one that breaks the camel's back of resistance to God. I hope you will just leave it all up and put it in the Blessed Mother's basket. Ask her to draw your attention to anything that SHOULD be removed and leave everything else. You have a beautiful spirit that comes across so well in your writing. As a matter of fact I think my next lead article in the Les Femmes newsletter ( will be on losing our children to the homosexual agenda and plan to put the link to your blog in the article. You are such a great example of conversion and common sense. Praying for you.

  3. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Terry, I second what Mary Ann has written. Last spring, when I was returning to the Church after several years away, your blog became a real companion to me, both the inspirational parts and what you call the "rants," some of which have given me much needed laughs. Your posts have never seemed mean-spirited to me but rather human and honest. So many of your experiences echo my own. In fact, your blog is generally the first I check at lunch time when I am enjoying a quiet moment to myself. You're definitely in my prayers. Thank you for what you write. -Gary

  4. Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!
    I also second ( third??) Mary Ann's post.
    I am Orthodox not Roman Catholic, but I think your blog is one of the best - I find your writing to be very sane and you are not an ideologue - as so many bloggers are.
    I don't read many blogs, but I don't miss this one.
    It is hard sometimes to see the good we do or the effect we have on others - your effect seems to me to be very good.
    Glory to God for All Things !

  5. This post shows why you should keep blogging, Terry. Your honesty and self examination is truly needed in the the world of Catholic blogging. You are not an ideologue. You are truly searching for truth. I have to say to I find many Catholic blogs to be truly scandalous because the bloggers seem interested only in pushing their version of the truth and not the truth itself. You are different. You are sharing your spiritual journey and spiritual growth with others. I have learned a lot from you. The most important lesson I have learned is that I am still learning. I have gone through a lot of changes since I started blogging as well, and I certainly hope it will continue. As Christians, we can never stand still in our growth. If we are not moving forward in our spiritual life, we are moving backward. And with most of us, we move forward and then slip back. It is rarely a straight line.

    So please look at your blog as a record of your spiritual growth that you are sharing with the world, and it is very helpful to a good number of people. If you were perfect, or thought you were perfect as so many do, I would not be here. So thank you for your honesty, thank you for your great devotion to Our Lord and His Church. Don't give into the despair. That has only one source, and it is not from above.

  6. I would probably be a heretic by now without your balance of wisdom and humor, and I mean that.

  7. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I agree with Catholic in Brooklyn. There's been such integrity in your blog. The very fact of your questioning and recognising that there are things you see differently with time says so much of your own honesty and integrity. This is what draws me back. I've never commented on anything before online.

  8. Ditto all that!

    Happy Easter Terry!

  9. As usual, you are all too kind. Thanks.

  10. We're not only kind, we're truthful. Many is the time I've wanted to delete posts but I keep them as a reminder that I am far from perfect. I read you more than any other blog. Please keep it going.

  11. +JMJ+

    I recently rewrote an old post to reflect a 180 degree change in my own thinking. The only other honest option would have been to delete it. I think George Orwell would have been disgusted with me, but I wasn't burning something in a memory hole as much as I was rectifying a grievous wrong. And anyway, hardly anyone reads my blog. I'm sure the only one who recalled that old post was I.

  12. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Good on the spring cleaning, been doing my own in social media.

    Re the new blog banner ... the weird, it hurts ... still love hearing your thoughts, though.

  13. "I know I write about quitting or deleting my stuff from time to time", well now, there's an understatement if ever I heard one and, here's an overstatement, "it really strikes me as a waste of time." Now, here's a statement that has it just right, "But Terry, you really have no idea what use the Lord can make of it....even the rants." I mean, let's face it, the only thing more consistent in your quitting-not quitting blogging has been my quitting-not quitting reading what you write.


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