Saturday, April 26, 2014

Did you know I wrote letters to both John Paul II and John XXIII?

Yes I di-id.

They both wrote back too.  They told me I was doing nothing wrong and could go to communion.


I lost the letter from John XXIII but still have the one from JPII - although I've since learned both were written by a secretary.  (I convince myself both Popes dictated the contents after reading my sweet letters.)

Too good to call me I guess.


  1. One Christmas I remember sending a Christmas-card to Pope John II and then a Christmas-greeting via the internet to Pope emeritus Benedict XVI. HOPE they liked/appreciated them if they saw them!! And then twice I wrote and sent-in some wonderful graces and favors received from praying to St. Padre Pio and St. Giuseppina Bakhita to the Vatican and received responses from a Fr. Peter Gumpel. It felt great to receive a response from a priest at the Vatican City.

  2. *Pope John Paul II...


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