Friday, April 25, 2014

Going to Rome for the Canonizations?

Be on the lookout for saints in the crowd.

Seriously.  There will be saints in the crowd - several people in the crowd will become canonized saints themselves - it is always like that.  One reads stories of saints who were present at the canonizations of other saints.  One who pops into mind is Bl. Pierina Morosini who was present at the canonization of Maria Goretti - only to die a martyr of chastity herself.

One other thing to be on the lookout for is people who are present via bi-location.  Yeah, that's right.  In former ages saints have gone to Rome and elsewhere in that way.  I know!  They just show up.  Padre Pio comes to mind.

I had a mystical encounter in St. Peter's once.  I really did.

Things happen in Rome.

Random factoid:  Did you know that before Vatican II the only people to reject the canonization of saints were nonbelievers and Protestants.  Pretty much.

Look for Larry in Rome.


  1. It is just as true today that the only people who reject canonizations are Protestants and nonbelievers, whether they know it or not.

  2. It just shows you how topsy-turvy the Church is these days. The canonization of John Paul II at this time is imprudent in light of his failure to deal with the clerical pederasty scandals (among other things). Also, the standards used for the upcoming canonizations are cheats when held up to the former rules; and those who call the Roman authorities out on this are considered un-Catholic. Yesterday's orthodoxy is today's heresy.

  3. I don't bi-locate. I don't swing that way.


  4. I read this on the CNS website and had a holy chuckle. A vibrant faith with a sense of humor is a wonderful grace. ^^

    "Rulli, who has brought several pilgrimage groups to Rome over the years, said he gave the people on his tour advice for how to get as close as possible to the square.

    "Try to get behind the Germans. They have a history of sacking Rome and invading" the square, he said, referring to the several first-century invasions and the infamous Sack of Rome in 1527."

    I watched some of the begging of the Mass, on my cell phone, while I was on break, at work.

    1. Perdon! I see a typo! I meant beginning, not begging. Ah...what a glorious day!


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