Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Divine Mercy and the Canonizations

These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands
 that stand before the Lord of the earth.

A great event is taking place the weekend.

Something Blessed Pope John Paul II said:
“Right from the beginning of my ministry in St. Peter’s See in Rome, I considered this message (of Divine Mercy) my special task. Providence has assigned it to me in the present situation of man, the Church and the world. It could be said that precisely this situation assigned that message to me as my task before God.” - JP II 1981, at the Shrine of Merciful Love in Italy
Something Blessed John XXIII said:
"In these days, which mark the beginning of this Second Vatican Council, it is more obvious than ever before that the Lord's truth is indeed eternal. Human ideologies change. Successive generations give rise to varying errors, and these often vanish as quickly as they came, like mist before the sun.

The Church has always opposed these errors, and often condemned them with the utmost severity. Today, however, Christ's Bride prefers the balm of mercy to the arm of severity. She believes that, present needs are best served by explaining more fully the purport of her doctrines, rather than by publishing condemnations." - John XXIII Opening Address for the Council
Something Pope Francis said:
In his homily for the Canonization, which took place in 2000, John Paul II emphasized that the message of Jesus Christ to Sr Faustina is located, in time, between the two World Wars and is intimately tied to the history of the 20th century. And looking to the future he said: “What will the years ahead bring us? What will man’s future on earth be like? We are not given to know. However, it is certain that in addition to new progress there will unfortunately be no lack of painful experiences. But the light of divine mercy, which the Lord in a way wished to return to the world through Sr Faustina’s charism, will illumine the way for the men and women of the third millennium” (Homily, Sunday, 30 April 2000). It is clear. Here it is explicit, in 2000, but it was something that had been maturing in his heart for some time. Through his prayer, he had this intuition. 
Today we forget everything far too quickly, even the Magisterium of the Church! Part of this is unavoidable, but we cannot forget the great content, the great intuitions and gifts that have been left to the People of God. And Divine Mercy is one of these. - Address to the Parish Priests of Rome

Jesus, I trust in you.


  1. I believe Divine Mercy is the essence of what the Church is all about in our contemporary world. The 20th Century and now the 21st Century is by far the most evil destructive time in the history of mankind. We have seen two world wars and untold local wars in which hundreds of millions of people have been and are continuing to be killed. We have seen organized genocide not just with the Nazis but with Stalin who has been estimated to have killed anywhere from 20 to 60 million people; Mao Tse Tung who killed from 49 million to 78 million of his own people and instituted the forced abortion policy; Pol Pot in Cambodia who killed almost 2 million; the Rwandan genocide where 1 million people were basically hacked death; and that's just for starters. We have had over 1 billion babies "legally" aborted worldwide. Human trafficking is at an all time high. The Netherlands have just legalized euthanasia for children, with the "caveat" that the children agree to it.

    Our world is evil beyond all imagining, and how does our Lord answer it? By appearing to a little nun in pre-war Poland and giving her the message of Divine Mercy to spread to the world, imploring the world to come to Christ who will wipe away all of our sins. And as you have pointed out, Terry, that has been the message of our Holy Fathers in the last 50 years. It seems that Our Lord sees the world in tremendous pain, caused mostly by our own doing, and He is reaching out to us not with condemnation but with His unfathomable Love and Mercy.

    The canonizations happening this Sunday are of utmost importance, and those who are fighting them are fighting Jesus Christ Himself.

  2. I LOVE the application of the verse from Revelation on this event! Terry, you are in tune with the prophetic pulse of the Church.

    1. Thanks Elena - I'm not big on extraordinary phenomena, but I hope some grace will be granted the world to bring an end to all the pessimism.


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