Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Investiture of Dr. Alice von Hildebrand: She's a Lady!*

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Lady Alice von Hildebrand.

Cardinal Burke invested Dr. Alice von Hildebrand as a Dame Grand Cross of the Pontifical Order of St. Gregory the Great, an honor Pope Francis bestowed on her Sept. 19.
For her part, von Hildebrand shifted the evening’s attention to the work of her late husband and the influence it had on her. - Source

She really is so humble.  Always deferring to her late husband.  One day I expect she will be declared a saint.  I admire her very much.  Congratulations Dame Alice!

“In Lady Alice, which is a most fitting title, the Church has a daughter who is most greatly gifted in teaching and writing.  She is always ready to defend the truth, which is found is Jesus Christ, our Savior.” - Cardinal Schönborn

*Very, very few people realize that Tom Jones originally dedicated his famous song to Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, but her late husband was against it. (Kind of like how Neil Diamond claimed he dedicated Sweet Caroline to Caroline Kennedy.)  What?  The Tom Jones song here.


  1. I read about her and the honor bestowed upon her by Pope Francis. I also read that Father Benedict Groeschel was in attendance as he is a friend of hers.

    I like her too. Congratulations, Dama Alice. <3

  2. Yes - Fr. Groeschel is her spiritual director. I always loved listening to her when she was on with Mother Angelica.

  3. "Considering the tumultuous pontificate of Paul VI, and the confusing signals he was giving, e.g.: speaking about the 'smoke of Satan that had entered the Church,' yet refusing to condemn heresies officially; his promulgation of Humanae Vitae (the glory of his pontificate), yet his careful avoidance of proclaiming it ex cathedra; delivering his Credo of the People of God in Piazza San Pietro in 1968, and once again failing to declare it binding on all Catholics; disobeying the strict orders of Pius XII to have no contact with Moscow, and appeasing the Hungarian Communist government by reneging on the solemn promise he had made to Cardinal Mindszenty; his treatment of holy Cardinal Slipyj, who had spent seventeen years in a Gulag, only to be made a virtual prisoner in the Vatican by Paul VI; and finally asking Archbishop Gagnon to investigate possible infiltration in the Vatican, only to refuse him an audience when his work was completed – all these speak strongly against the beatification of Paolo VI, dubbed in Rome, 'Paolo Sesto, Mesto' (Paul VI, the sad one)"

    ...Dr. Alice von Hildebrand


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