Monday, November 04, 2013

Pope Francis conducting a poll? I didn't think so.

"The female cardinal deal isn't happening either honey."

Survey says.

Polls?  That's how il fatto Catholic bloggers and other Catholic dissidents operate. 

  • Vote early and vote often. 
  • Go stack the polls at WAPO, NCR, NYT's, LCWR. 
  • Flood the bishops office with letters demanding the EF and pretty churches.
  • Should priests be women?
  • Go spike his stats. 
  • Should buskins be worn on the bus? 

Sound familiar?  Polls are notoriously inaccurate and easily manipulated.

Fr. Lombardi.

It's not really a poll.

.- The director of the Holy See press office has clarified that Pope Francis has not presented a questionnaire to Catholics worldwide to consult on homosexual unions and divorced persons, as some news outlets have reported.
This assertion, made by Italian daily il Fatto Quotidiano among others, is “not true” and in fact the basis is “only a document sent to bishops' conferences throughout the world by the secretary general of the synod of bishops, Archbishop Lorenzo Baldisseri, in preparation for the synod of bishops,” Fr. Federico Lombardi told CNA Nov. 2.
He added that the synod, which will be held Oct. 5-19, 2014, will be dedicated to “the pastoral challenges of the family in the context of evangelization.” The synod will focus on pastoral responses to the problems of divorce and gay marriage, as well as other challenges to the health of families. - CNA

I told you ChaCha, the questions
 'are not regarding the doctrinal position of the Church.'”


  1. These links may interest you:

  2. Like all polls, nobody asks me... I just keep my head down and pray whatever is going on.

    1. Same here, Pat. No one asks the folks who really care and are listening and praying and trying to be faithful sons and daughters of Christ's Church. ^^

      But let's keep praying and remaining interested. I mean I did have a good chuckle over the latest gossip...Papa Francis conducting a poll is just too amusing to take serious, I mean really! ^^)

  3. Here is, finally, a genuinely thoughtful reply to Pope Francis:

    America Magazine should be commended for publishing this. Catholics of good faith have expressed reservations with the Pope and have been bearing the brunt of moral pressure from Francis-Is-Inerrant-And-We-Like-Him-Darn it-So-Shut-Up Apologists.


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