Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Is this the 'church of nice' I hear so much about?

“I don’t think church leaders should pretend to be something they’re not.”
- Rev.  Nadia Bolz-Weber
She doesn't look nice ...

Rev.  Nadia Bolz-Weber bounds into the University United Methodist Church sanctuary like a superhero from Planet Alternative Christian. Her 6-foot-1 frame is plastered with tattoos, her arms are sculpted by competitive weightlifting and, to show it all off, this pastor is wearing a tight tank top and jeans.
Looking out at the hundreds of people crowded into the pews to hear her present the gospel of Jesus Christ, she sees: Dockers and blazers. Sensible shoes. Grandmothers and soccer moms. Nary a facial piercing. - Finish reading here.
Thanks to PML for the laugh.


  1. I love her name: Nadia Ballz-Weber...

    I think short and bald St. Paul is glad he never had to deal with her: "What do you mean I'm excommunicated! Get over here right now!"

  2. Anonymous4:44 AM

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  3. Just another gimmick.

  4. At first I thought that I think her name was Susan Porter, the weight loss chick with the buzzed blond head, got a new gig!

    Not my cup of tea but as the article says, she ain't nice..so the "church of nice," thing doesn't really apply. Some of the stuff she says in interesting, in a personal conversion story way. I certainly wouldnt want to sit though her service as it sounds like an "ice breaker," activity in church and I hate ice breakers! And some of the posters here seem enamored with certain saints who would be considered, to put it mildly "nutso cuckoo!" or at the very least, obsessive compulsive. There is something to be said about "eccentric," people being closer to God in some ways.

    If it helps some people..good for them.

    I have to say, faith out of the question, I would rather have her back me up in a bar fight then a lot of priests!

  5. “I never experience God in camping or trees or nature. I hate nature,” she told the Austin crowd as she paced the stage. “God invented takeout and duvets for a reason.”

    On the other hand, I know quite a fair number of people who might take to her. I don't know what that means, but it's true.

    Hopefully Francis will not be getting tattooed to enhance his "authenticity". Since his authenticity doesn't come from him, anyway.

  6. Church of the "Bad Mama-Jamma"

  7. LOL..James.

    Pennyyak...it sounds like she is using a lot of her stand up routine. Actually, I think we need a "Christian," comedian who is not so dully bland and "family friendly," that you fall asleep while your teeth rot. I like her comment though, I am an outdoors person but I hate it when people say, "I go to the church of nature!"

    1. "I go to the church of nature!" Has someone really said that to you Mack?

      I am so clueless sometimes, I might ask "What's the address?"

  8. I laugh because I don't know any better.

  9. Oh - and she reminds me of someone I know.


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