Thursday, November 07, 2013

Icons and mystical experience and apparitions ... and chaff ... and ufo's ... and ...

on the verge of something big? 
Are icons written or painted?

What do you think?

20th century chaff.
New Age projections.

Some prophets do things for profit.
When you see stuff in the sky, it could be chaff.



  1. Gee after my week of return to blogging my head feels like that. Sorry I'm off again - but always will be reading your blog! Hope you are ok.

  2. There is an icon of St. Michael that allegedly is weeping. I can't remember exactly where...Syria comes to mind...quite appropriate, I'd say

  3. Jackie - really?

    I'm getting better - thanks.

  4. Nazareth Priest! I missed you. HI!

  5. One of the sites I visit every day (along with Terry's site) is NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day:
    Along with amazing images of planets and stars, it will have views of atmospheric phenomena on Earth. Several times I have thought that these sights could have been interpreted by someone as supernatural rather than celestial.

  6. Speaking of blogging (and Twitter and the liturgy and...):

  7. E - I agree - I really think a lot can be attributed to atmospheric phenomena and experimental projects by governments and military. And cloud formations - I have seen tons of clouds that others would photograph and send to Spirit Daily.

    Years ago I was at a fake site in Italy and everyone claimed the miracle of the sun was taking place - in my opinion the phenomenon was atmospheric. I think the event may account for my sight problems today.

  8. On blogging, fame, money:


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