Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Pope welcomes Our Lady - a must see video.

"To be sure, a very simple explanation underpins all this. For those who grasp it, no words are necessary...
          for those who can't, nothing will ever suffice." - Rocco Palmo
From Rocco Palmo:
As previously noted, whenever the Theotokos comes around, the 266th Bishop of Rome simply loses himself and is spiritually transported to another place.

Yet again, it was visible last night in the Square, as a clearly overcome Pope spontaneously rushed down the steps to receive the original statue of Our Lady of Fatima, refusing to take up his designated place until she was in hers.... - Palmo



  1. Thank you! Thank you! I hadn't seen it... What is unseen must be as spectacular as the Miracle of the Sun!

  2. Last night on EWTN I watched the celebrations in Fatima - the Pope sent Cardinal Bertone as his representative.

    1. Terry, I have something I'd like to email you, for the Feast of Our Lady, it's okay, could I have the address?

  3. I am so happy at such faith! I hope to love la Virgencita and be devoted to her like Papa Francis is. I saw the video on RP's website and came here to see what you had to say, Terry. Thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of us.

    Yes, words are not needed to see Mary's little son so dear to her, so close to her. What a precious moment of great witness to the Mother of God. I look forward to watching all the celebrations on my day off.

    I like Cardinal Bertone. I liked him more after I saw him in Brazil along with Papa Francis as he looked like he was really enjoying himself. I hope he will be sent on more trips as our Holy Father's rep. ^^

  4. Pat - thanks. Here it is:


  5. A very happy feast-day of Our Lady of Fatima, Terry and to ALL yr. readers who frequent here! I did like very-much the Holy Father not sitting until the image of our Blessed Mother was in her place. That's such a "delicate detail", or as is said in Spanish, "detalle delicado".

  6. In some shots it looks like she is actually walking to him.
    I love this pope!


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