Friday, October 18, 2013

Sr. Antonia Brenner - RIP

Her story is simple - but oh so great...

She lived in a prison.  For 30 years.  Everyone will be writing about her, so I won't editorialize the story except to say, there are saints amongst us.  There always have been, always will be.
Sister Antonia Brenner, a Beverly Hills-raised mother of seven who became a Roman Catholic nun and moved into a notorious Tijuana prison where she spent more than three decades mending broken lives, easing tensions and dispensing everything from toothbrushes to bail money, has died. She was 86. - Finish reading here.

I recall hearing that there were Little Sisters of Jesus who lived in a prison somewhere.   There are saints in weird places, where no one else will go.

Love is kind.


  1. "There are Saints where no one else will go."

    I capitalize "saints" because they are an example to us all of who we too can become when we encounter the Lord on the road to Emmaus. Papa Francis has spoken of this and when I read stories as wonderful as this one, well, it just affirms what he says...what JPII has said...what Benedict has said..."we are all called to be Saints!"

    Let us be about the business of the Lord in seeking out the lost, proclaiming Christ crucified, in love, in truth and with great hope! Enough with the negativity...we must allow ourselves to be broken and then put back together according to God's holy will. How else can we proclaim the Lord Jesus if we ourselves will not bend?

    Thank you Terry for sharing this wonderful story of a little child of God. May her reward be heaven gazing upon the beauty of our Heavenly Father for all eternity.


  2. I read a book about her some years ago. Her "Hollywood to nun" story is not as glamorous as that of Mother Dolores but it's very inspiring. She is a very holy woman.

    1. I just read her story in the L.A. Times. The power of God at work in her loving witness to the imprisoned men was just as you say,
      servusmariaen, very inspiring.

      Beautiful too, what one can accomplish when one is truly surrendered to the love, will and protection of Almighty God.

  3. She is the real deal and someone to emulate!


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