Saturday, October 19, 2013

Santo Pedro de Alcantara

The holier the confessor, the easier to confess.

"The holier the confessor the gentler he is, and the less he is scandalized at other people's faults, because he understands man's weak condition better."  - John of the Cross

I would love to make my confession - hourly if need be - to St. Peter of Alcantara.   What John of the Cross says is very true.  I have experienced it.  However, I have sought out confessors with a reputation for holiness, or great prayer, and they were very much scandalized by my sins.  I could never return to them.  I return to confession - frequently - just not to them.  Never be afraid to go to confession - no matter who or what.  (Don't over think it.)

Anyway - happy feast day to all those devoted to St. Peter.


  1. Is it worse for the priest to be scandalized or to laugh? I've had both and I really don't appreciate either.

  2. I have had a priest or two laugh as well. It helped me put matters in perspective. Sometimes they can't help it.

  3. Better laughter than having the confessor be caught reading the sports page while one is in tears trying to make a good confession after years of not having made one.

    That happened to me years ago when I was coming back to the faith.
    I remember I paused and took like two looks at the paper and then at father and I asked him, "excuse me, father, am I taking up your time?"
    His answer, "no, don't mind me."

    My then spiritual director told me it was the power of Christ and his love for me that got me through that confession. Had I been weak in the knees, I would have walked out of that confessional and never looked back.

    I do not know where father is these days, but when I look back on that day, I have to smile and say a prayer for him and thank him because despite his reading the sports page, I do give him credit for putting it down and listening to me afterwards and for granting me absolution...that alone set me on the right path. ^^

    San Pedro de Alcantara, intercede for all priests, that they may strive to be holy confessors and lead God's people to conversion and salvation by their example.


  4. Another mention of St. John of the Cross on the web:


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