Thursday, October 17, 2013

House stenographer freaks out about Freemasons...

Before I found out her name, I did a quick check to see if maybe it was anyone I knew... like any of the East Coast female Catholic bloggers...

Turns out it was a real stenographer named Dianne Reidy...  I'm not sure if she is Catholic or what, but she knows about the Freemasons:
“The greatest deception here is not ‘one nation under God.’ It never was. Had it been … the Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons."  – Dianne Reidy, a stenographer in the U.S. House of Representatives, speaking as she was escorted off the House floor during the vote to end the government shut-down and raise the federal debt ceiling.
I thought I heard a news report claiming she was blaming the Jesuits on her way to the hospital - but I wasn't able to verify that.

"That's a nuts!"
Update:  Michael Voris has a video on Freemasonry as well.  Here


  1. they were making fun of this lady on the radio this morning mocking the possibility that the Masons are against God...

  2. "Out, loud and proud" trad women are my favorite people on the whole planet. Fifty bucks says she has a subscription to The Remnant and a "Save the Liturgy, Save the World" bumpersticker on her old minivan.

  3. I'm not sure she was programmed to drive.


  4. Perhaps she read Pope Leo 13th's encyclical on Freemasonry and actually took it seriously.

    Which I suppose might make her a trad, since there doesn't appear to be many other than trads who do take the Church's encyclicals seriously.

  5. She said the Holy Spirit moved her.

    Haven't most of the U.S. presidents been Masons? It's not really news.

  6. Her husband has been described as a Pentecostal lay minister in several articles I've seen, so she's probably not Catholic.

  7. Susan - I saw that too. He said she had been awakened during the night for several nights with the inspiration to act somehow.

    Perhaps it is an authentic action of the Holy Spirit, a prophetic act - the outburst still has an element of comedy, if you will. The saints known as fools for Christ did similar things in their lives. I can appreciate the humor.


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