Thursday, October 17, 2013

Doesn't he look better?

I did a quick edit to show how good Fr. Z would look if he lost some weight.  Squint - he looks pretty good for his age. 


  1. Prayers for Fr. Zuhlsdorf - he really is a good, faithful priest who works generously for the Church and the salvation of souls.

  2. I agree.

    He has a good sense of humor as well.

    1. True. I admire his fidelity to the teachings of the Church as well. He has such solid Catholic faith.

  3. I for one am neither worried nor scared about "losing everything". I shall continue to tread as I normally do. All the canonized saints of heaven were products of the “eternal Rome, Mistress of Wisdom and Truth” . As Cardinal Piacenza so clearly stated, "there cannot be, nor could there be, a pre-Conciliar Church and a post-Conciliar Church! If this could be so, the second one—ours—would be historically and theologically illegitimate!"

  4. I am starting to feel a bit like Nietzsche's Madman from The Gay Science, and I can't pretend to know what Fr. Z meant in losing everything (Christ will prevail; evil will not have the last word against His holy gates), though I am growing more convinced that what we've lost (or are losing) is our (the orthodox, the faithful - you know where and how the lines are drawn and what papers and magazines have lined up where) sense of the Church, our Catholic "identity" - not, as those very concerned with the Liturgy typically speak of it - but of its very essence as the sole voice of Truth in this world, our very connection with the pure, unfiltered teachings of Christ himself.

    And what is severely troubling now is that it's coming with a rubber stamp from the Pope himself:

    "Pope Francis shows himself to be the typical religious of the Society of Jesus in its recent phase, converted by the Council in the years of formation, especially by what I call the "external Council," the Vatican II of militant expectations and interpretations, created by some episcopates, by their theologians, and by the most influential Catholic media outlets. One of those churchmen who, in their conciliatory and pliable tone, in their undisputed values, are also the most rigid "conciliars," convinced after half a century that the Council is yet to be realized and that things should be done as if we were still in the 1970's, in a hand-to-hand with the "pacellian" church, neoscholastic theology, under the influence of the secular or Marxist paradigm of modernity."

    "A "liquid" message" by Pietro De Marco (Found here:


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