Monday, September 02, 2013

The Pope's daily homilies are back!

He walked in peace through the midst of them...

Once again, there is something to look forward to online.
"Where there is God there is no hatred, envy or jealousy, and there is no gossip that can kill.

This was the message at the heart of Pope Francis’ homily this morning as he celebrated Mass in the Casa Santa Marta after the summer break."
"... they wanted to kill Jesus. Because of jealousy and envy. This – he said – is not just something that happened two thousand years ago: “this kind of thing happens every day in our hearts, in our communities”. And he made the example of when somebody new enters a community, on the first day – he said - people speak well of him; on the second not so well; and from the third on gossip and badmouthing starts to spread and end up skinning him”. - Vatican Radio

I wonder if the Pope reads blogs?  


  1. I don't know if he has time to read blogs. He seems to be having too much fun!

  2. We seem to be traveling in the same direction--I was just reading a short piece on Labre last night. I'm a Robert Hugh Benson fan, and I noticed Supertradmum (who is always everywhere on the catholic internet) said that reading his novel "None Other Gods" is the best way to understand what Labre was all about.

    I've cut my catholic internet surfing down by at least 50% in favor of more prayer and reading Benson and JH Newman novels. I was tired of feeling dirty--no wonder they used to call catholic internet surfing, "catholic porn".

  3. " I was tired of feeling dirty--no wonder they used to call catholic internet surfing, "catholic porn". "

    Oh, total resonance on that here. My guess is I've chopped it by something like 90%.

    Even though I'm no longer swirling in the vortex or even marginally Z-ified, the day I toss Terrance is the day theMedj will finally be approved ;-)

    1. I heard that Terrance's web traffic has gone up 475% since the Anchoress took over Patheos Catholic. Meanwhile Fr. Z's traffic has plummeted 60% since Pope Benedict's abdication, but it's started to level off now...

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