Monday, September 02, 2013

I really liked this meditation while I was offline...

... they love to receive praise, and sometimes they even seek it.  In this they resemble the foolish virgins who had to seek oil from others when their own lamps were extinguished... - St. John of the Cross

- when their own lamps were extinguished...


  1. I was reminded of your last posts while reading at adoration. Here is St. Peter Julian Eymard:

    "The Church "has even more need of prayerful souls than of powerful preachers; of men of penance rather than men of eloquence. Today more than ever have we need of men who, by their self-immolation, disarm the anger of God inflamed by the ever increasing crimes of nations."

  2. Scott - thanks for your prayers - I thought of you too - maybe at the same time. Good advice from St. Peter. Thanks.

  3. Oooh good quote Scott gives above, too, from St. Peter Julian Eymard.

    I was totally convicted when I read that in Magnificat the other day. I'm embarrassed when I think how often I seek affirmation from family, friends, but especially at work. And for what? And how little time I spend in real prayer, stocking up on oil for my lamp. Oh sure I 'say my prayers,' but how often do I enter into genuine prayer? A lifting of my heart and mind to God in silence? Or is that also a kind of false dichotomy; thinking one form of prayer is more authentic than the other?

    Whatever the truth of the matter, I know I need to spend less time pursuing distractions, and more time in silence with God.

  4. Not hard to substitute the word bloggers for virgins. I'm sure it could apply to my by-times.

  5. Hi Owen - good to hear from you. I link don't I? Anyway ...

  6. Hi Terry.
    :) I was referring to a link to the article you had issues with. Maybe I missed it ...

  7. So I guess you're not going to share that link?

    M-m-m. I'll see if I can pick out enough key words from your post to google it. A link though would be

  8. Oh, hang on. Now I get it, I mean you. The problem is me. I see clearly now I posted my link request on the wrong post. Duh on me!

    I was looking for the article that riled you by a blogger who was trying to make sense of the CCC (in its different versions) on the matter of homosexuality and the interpretation of scripture.

    If you do recall that link might you just email it to me? Same as ever owenswainATgmailDOTcom. If not, it's OK.


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