Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Power struggle online...

Professional Catholics and Michael Voris and Church Ladies...

It's a business.

It's an ego trip.

Infallible blogists.

No donations for you.



  1. Semi Professional 4/10- U mean...Saint Michael - There is neither male nor female in Christ Jesus

    There is always a higher purpose, my brother in Christ

    Solo Papal Infallibilicus

    Will have to flatter you a lil more then Lol

    Just joking- gbu
    Pray for Syria - Pray the Rosary- Pray for Peace of mind and heart

  2. you're not moving to Patheos anytime soon then we can assume

  3. Terry, I have been meaning to tell you that my daughter loves the pictures of cats that you post on your blog. She especially loves the photo of the cats dancing with the boy and the words "Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here" that is on your sidebar. She thinks that is hilarious. She really loves cats. I have been looking everywhere for a larger version of it. Could you please repost it in a larger form sometime?

  4. Elena - I will try to find the original of that one - so glad your daughter likes my cat humor.

  5. James - I'm not budging.

  6. Terry, I was wondering if you saw a missing picture from my profile collection?

  7. Oh, wait, that's Susan Boyle. For a minute I thought... never mind.


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