Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Hold the phone...

The first papal telephone, donated to Pope Pius XI by Catholics in the United States.

The Pope phone.

"Get that and say I'm not here."

Which makes me think... What if Pope Francis called me

I don't answer the phone. 


"Quit calling here!"


  1. I used to donate blood during local Red Cross blood drives, but then the Red Cross got all vampire-ish and started calling me up to eight times a day whenever they were in a fifty mile radius of my house. Setting up an appointment did no good. I asked them to stop calling, but the only thing that lessened the calls was deciding no longer to donate. I feel very bad about this, but it was getting ridiculous. They still call a least once a day though I never pick up.

  2. "Do you have Prince Albert in a can?"

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  4. ...Oh God forgive me I write/think such stupid things....

  5. Consolata - not to worry - this is the home of stupid comments. LOL!

  6. ...well then I am at home here !...it is so easy and fast to fall into one's self isn't it - your thread about the 'phone had me travelling all through the long-ago past of when we Wrote Letters and were not subject to instant communication. I too do not answer the telephone to the chagrin of others. Pope Francis...how good for him he is not on the internet ! btw: my land-line is used to find my cell-phone.
    I miss seeing people's handwriting, finding a letter in the mailbox from someone I love, reading and re-reading some missive...

  7. What is the Pope's phone number?
    Et cum Spiri tu-tu-o.

  8. I REALLY hate answering the phone. I will if I happen to see it's my mother otherwise I don't. I wait to listen to a message. I want to be prepared for whatever it is that's coming from the other end.


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