Sunday, September 01, 2013

Mass Chat: I'm back.

The computer was down. 

It's fixed now.

It was good to be off.  Such silence.  I didn't even miss being online.  I'm afraid to open emails and go to my sites because I don't want to lose this peace. 

I'm back though.  I'll try to make email replies within the next day or so.

It was good to be offline.



  1. See what happens when you go away. The poodles are having a cat fight. Endlessly entertaining...

  2. Don't blame it on the computer. We have footage of you at the spin art booth.


  3. I'm happy that your computer is fixed. Technology troubles are a headache.

  4. :-) Pray More - Will u join me? 3 day Rosary Novena for WORLD PEACE. Can be said silently, anywhere. Spendng time praying, makes Love grow.
    8am Wednesday 4th September to Friday 6th September
    The Rosary Army's ammunition is Love and Mercy
    Hour Mystery to contemplate
    8am Angel Gabriel announces Christ and Our Lady says YES
    10am Mary visits Elizabeth and John leaps for Joy in her womb
    Midday Jesus is born in Bethlehem
    4pm Jesus is presented in the Temple
    6pm Jesus was lost for 3 days then found in the Temple
    8pm Jesus, baptised by John his cousin
    10pm At his Mother’s request Jesus, changes water into wine
    8am Proclaims the Good News, repent and believe in the Gospel
    10am Jesus transfigures on Mount Tabor
    Noon Jesus changes bread and wine into his body and blood
    4pm Jesus agonises in the garden of Gethsemane
    6pm Jesus is scourged
    8pm A crown of thorns is placed on his head
    10pm Jesus carry’s the cross
    8am Jesus is crucified
    10am Jesus rises from the dead
    Noon Jesus ascends into heaven
    4pm He sends the Holy Spirit to the apostles and our lady
    6pm Mary is assumed into heaven
    8pm Mary is crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth by God
    Starting at 8am each day
    -To open say the Creed,
    -then one decade of the Rosary and Fatima prayer, at allotted hour
    -at the end of each decade close with Hail Holy Queen
    -And St Michael the Arch Angel prayer
    Our Lady Queen of Peace, Pray for us

  5. Didn't realize you were gone but that would be because I haven't been around much myself, which is my MO these days. Glad your computer problems are over.

    Um, well, cheers.


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