Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tomorrow is 'Sea Sunday' around the world...

I did not know that.
This Sunday, churches around the world mark Sea Sunday, a day to remember seafarers and pray for them, their families and those who’ve made it their apostleship to support them. - Full story here.
Naturally one of the first things which came to mind when I read about it was the tsunami which swept Mrs. Wallace out of Harmony.  I can never forget that harrowing scene  from Passions, my favorite soap of all time - it was actually a very Catholic show BTW.  You don't remember?

Mrs. Wallace bio:
Edna Wallace is the kind of mother that no child should have. Throughout her younger years, she was the 'friendliest' woman in town, sleeping with so many men, she has no idea who the father of her children are. She used to bring home her boyfriends, not caring that her daughter, Beth, became their victim. When Beth was still relatively young, she brought home Mr. Wallace (he owned the Book Café), and for many years, Beth thought of him as her father, and only learned long after his death that she and his mother weren't married after all. 
Edna is very free with words for her daughter, abusing her both verbally and emotionally. Her primary goal in life is to rob Beth of any happiness she can possible receive, in part because she blames Beth for something that happened when Beth was just a teenager. Edna worked hard to expose Beth and Charlie's plans to kidnap Sheridan and raise her baby as their own while trying to get along with her orangutan caregiver Precious, but although she threatens to expose Beth, especially now that Sheridan has been returned home and Beth still has the baby, she has never done so. 
Although she would not return him to his mother, Edna has arranged for some encounters between Sheridan and Martin, and encouraged Sheridan to spend time with the child she believed to be her son. She kept insisting that Sheridan belongs with her son, showing more concern for Sheridan than she ever did for her own daughter. She showed a remarkable streak of kindness toward Beth (her first ever) when she realized how much Beth truly did love that little boy and offered to help Beth escape Harmony with the child. Only moments later, though, DNA tests proclaimed Beth as Little Martin's mother. Later that night, Edna burst in on Alistair and Beth just as they were about to make love, and announced that Alistair was Beth's father from a one-night stand in the 1970s. 
Edna eventually realized that Tabitha Lenox was a witch, and had Tabitha and Endora use their powers to make her young and beautiful again -- well, younger and more beautiful. Edna enjoyed her new life, but everything changed again when she was swept out of Harmony on a wave during the tsunami. She eventually turned up in a psychiatric ward, going on about witches and babies who could change people's appearances. She and a fellow patient, Norma Bates, escaped, and after being unsuccessful in killing Tabitha, disappeared from Harmony again until turning up in Rome. - Source

Norma Bates and Edna.
Marianne Muellerleile played Norma.
She is also a Catholic.


  1. Excellent taste in TV Terry!

    God I loved that craptastic show! Second only to the Salem Stalker storyline on Days as badly written, badly acted, whackadoodle "what are they smoking," entertainment! (personally I think Marlena being chased out of Alice's house by Tom's big fat ghost head rivaled the Mrs. Wallace scene as the very nadir of television and therefore I love them both for it.)

    I was a big fan of Precious but it might have been that she was the best actor on the show. They actually nominated her for an Emmy!

    "Catholic," hmmm, if you mean by having a blind priest once in a while appear and solemnly intone some ridiculous speech and cause trouble for my sweet Tabitha, then yea (but why should the Catholic faith was written be anymore realistic then anything else that went on in Harmony??)

    It WAS very Catholic in its kind of obsession with, revulsion to sex. A lot of homoerotic stuff going on ( a lot of fem, pretty guys running around shirtless, oiled up and shaved, while the women were totally clothed.) or just straight up gay the married guy having an affair with a man and who could forget Vincent , who was half man, half woman and becomes pregnant with his own father's son.! A lots and lots of sexual violence and rape (that is what ruined what could have been a perfectly cheerful hour of idiocy!)

    They just don't make TV like this anymore!!!!

  2. And might I add it is about time you posted something of substance like this!! : )

    1. So glad to meet another fan. Yes - the blind priest made it very Catholic. I think my favorite scenes involved Edna and Norma in the mental hospital - although I was a huge fan of precious as well.

      I'll try to do more substantive posts like this more often.

  3. Well Tabby was baptized in the last episode..saving the town from volcano lava. Though you know Edna and Norma were married were by Tabby in the first "gay wedding,' on soaps!

    Now Once Upon A Time," has replaced Passions as my favorite, "I can't believe I watch this junk," show..and Regina has replaced Tabitha as my favorite snarky bad girl whose ridiculous plots blow up in her face. Though Regina is sexy as hell!


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