Friday, July 12, 2013

Is Brandon Vogt the Vatican's equivalent of Edward Snowden?

We could hype it to make it look that way now, couldn't we...

What's the big deal?

When ninety-nine-and-a-half-just-won't-do.

[Update: Voted best post of the day!]


  1. He's my morning six shots of espresso. I think traditionalists favor him because he's an unfiltered taste of hard spiritual realities: like St. Alphonsus, St. Leonard of Port Maurice or St. Vincent Ferrer--the so-called Angel of the Last Judgment. When he takes a day off I read Fr. Barron. It really blows your hair back.

  2. I like your description. I haven't followed either of them, but I know they are good guys.

    1. I just got my second email asking who Brandon Vogt is.

    2. As we used to say in prison, "Real a**kickers."

    3. I think Vogt's efforts will have great impact - he's a bright guy.


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