Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's better to be unknown.

A reader sent me an email warning me about a few 'wack jobs' online.  I said even crazy people can speak the truth sometimes.  Think of Simei whose cursing and raving called out King David.  The lives of the 'fools' for Christ demonstrate that we shouldn't so easily dismiss our critics.  We always want to find fault with those who contend with us, we need to put them in their place, to find something wrong with them, to assure ourselves that we are in the right, that we are above contempt.

We aren't at all poor in spirit, nor humble when we do that - when we look down on others. 

It's better to be unknown.
What does it profit you to enter into deep discussion
concerning theological matters, if you lack humility, and thereby be displeasing to God?  For truly it is not deep words that
make a man holy and upright; it is a good life which makes a man
dear to God.  I had rather feel contrition than be eloquent in the
definition thereof.   
It is vanity, too, to covet honours, and to
lift up ourselves on high. 
There is naturally in every man a desire to know, but what profit is knowledge without the fear of God?  Better of a surety is a lowly peasant who serves God, than a proud philosopher who watches the stars and neglects the knowledge of himself.  He who knows himself well is vile in his own sight; neither does he care about the praises of men.  If I knew all the things that are in the world, and were not in charity, what should it help me before God, who is to judge me according to my deeds? - Saying from the Imitation of Christ
It's better to be unknown.

Art: Miguel Conde


  1. That sounds like the Imitation of Christ.

    1. it is - did you see that I noted it as 'saying from the Imitation'?

  2. I didn't see it before but I see it now :)

  3. Very profound. Those who criticize us do us a far greater service than those who praise us.

  4. The holiest woman at our parish is also the most awkward. She lives at the parish in the former convent with a "whack job" who gave away all of her money from nursing to a false visionary from Ireland. Even though the "whack job" is a fool in the ways of the world, her basic worldview is ultimately more accurate than almost all of the professors at Harvard. God raises up the foolish to shame the wise--isn't God great?

  5. This also sounds of Fray Juan de La Cruz, Terry. He certainly lived it.


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