Friday, June 21, 2013

The Church Shooting in Ogden.

Only today did I realize some of us might 'know' the victim's wife, Tara.

I just realized it after reading The Deacon's Bench post Utah Church Offers Liturgy of Reparation after Sunday's Shooting:
Tara Evans, sitting where her husband was shot earlier in the week, nodded at Richtsteig’s words, and silently clapped when he finished. 
“We’re not going to let evil come in and take us over,” she later said. 
Wearing a pin of Mother Mary and Jesus, and with bright eyes and a beaming smile, Tara Evans spoke of her blessings. Thursday morning, she and her husband walked hand-in-hand down the hospital hall, surrounded by medical equipment and “an entourage” of medical staff. 
“It’s probably the best walk I ever took with him,” she said. -
If it is the same Tara I think it is, she used to write a Catholic blog, Loved Sinner, and is a Secular Carmelite; Fr. Richsteig is her pastor of course.  Many of us linked to her blog.

Continued prayers for Tara and her husband Jim in his recovery, and all the family.


  1. It is the same Tara. When I first heard the name of the victim I was shocked speechless.

    1. I was shocked even without knowing the name of who it was - Fr. R acted admirably.

  2. How terrible. God have mercy.


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