Friday, June 21, 2013

The effete male.

Why do some men want to look like K.D. Lang or Ellen?

Tom Ford.

The designer doesn't want fat guys shopping his stores, buying his multi-thousand dollar suits, but he wants guys to wear his make-up. 

The male of almost every species is the most naturally good looking of the sexes.  Think about it - do male cardinals color their feathers?  No, poodle, they don't.

Years ago when my friends and I went camping, the women along for the trip used to complain about us guys.  We could eat 5 times the amount of food they did and we never got fat.  We could wake up in the wilderness, our hair totally freaked out, unshaven, unkempt and we still looked good.  On the other hand, they, without make-up, their hair completely flat to their heads looked like crap.  And that - by their own admission.

I have never ever understood why women wear what they wear - especially when it comes to lethal weapon high heels, skirts too short to sit in, or even skimpy tops which reveal every roll and defect - but I digress.  Suffice it to say some women need make-up and hair color.  Nothing wrong with that - I just would never want to have to live like that.

Metrosexual men.

Men have been feminized.  They've been brainwashed - early on - since pre-school.  It's very sad.  A kid can't even beat up another kid, much less draw a man with a gun, without getting kicked out of kindergarten, possibly arrested, and getting labeled a menace to society.

Now Tom Ford wants men to buy into the make-up mythology - as if a man needs eyeliner or mascara. 
Manscara and guyliner are usually the reserve of teens enjoying their experimental emo phase, not the seriously wealthy suited and booted customers of Tom Ford. But that’s all set to change when the designer launches cosmetics for men alongside the modern metrosexual grooming staples of cleanser, moisturiser and eye “treatment”. - Source
Men do not need cosmetics.  Men should not be skinny and effeminate.  Men are naturally good looking - women are too - but they believe what hairdressers, make-up artists, and designers tell them to believe.

Most of the gay men I've known were usually attracted to masculine, straight looking guys - or just straight guys.  Oddly enough, older, more affluent types who happened to find a type like that, would almost invariably attempt to refine him.  Gradually introducing him to designer clothes, fashionable hair cuts, piercing maybe, and to be sure - neatness.  The guys became very careful about their appearance, manners, posture, and so on.  In other words, they got a complete makeover.  The raw, masculine charm and honest handsomeness was hidden beneath a foppish veneer.

It sometimes gets worse as they age.  Remember Gustav von Aschenbach melting on the Lido?

"No, no, no, darling!  Take smaller, quicker steps!
And hold your left arm up with your hand out flat,
as if you are carrying a lovely silver tray!
Oh for heaven's sake -
right hand on your hip,
you twit!"


  1. It took my son 2 mins to put on his prom suit - his sisters used to take hours to get ready!

  2. If I met a grown man wearing makeup... And this man was not an actor or mime or wearing a costume for Halloween or a party... I think I would have to pummel him. I have hit only one person in anger in my life, back in grade school, but I am sure I would have to punch the... "man." Would that be under the auspices of fraternal correction? It might cause him to see what a ninny he is! How pathetic we have become!

    1. No, definitely not seriously, besides the comment about the whole idea being pathetic. Though if someone I knew began using it I would let my feelings be known, -verbally, not physically.

  3. I use a facial moisturiser and hair product.

    I find it interesting that the "hollywood hunks" of today are somewhat older than in years past. Think of Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper, Hugh Jackman etc. These blokes are all late 30s early 40s. Patrick Dempsey is 47 for crying out loud.

    It's likely trending with the tendency to marry later in life. Older men have money, security, confidence and all that. That's my little theory anyway.

  4. What an hilarious post. Much needed for me today. Thank you, Terry.

    1. I'm so glad someone got a laugh. Thanks.


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