Sunday, June 16, 2013

Real quick like...

Last week I received a comment left on my art blog from someone at the chancery.

I work at the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis and (I'm not kidding, I promise) we have a package for you! I'm hoping you're the Terry Nelson to whom this package is addressed - could you contact me at your convenience?

Thanks! My apologies for not finding a better means of contacting you!
Intrigued, I contacted the chancery.  The package was sent from Ireland by a reader of my blogs, addressed to Terry Nelson, Fine Artist.  What a compliment, huh?  It is an honor to be called a 'fine artist'.  Amazing detective work by the chancery as well.  I'm not sure if I heard the chancery person correctly, but I think she said she wouldn't be commenting on my art blog.  She may have meant she wouldn't be commenting if she had had another way to contact me, or she wouldn't want to be associated with the blog after she viewed my work.  LOL!  She wouldn't be the first to say that.

I want to thank the person who sent the package from Ireland.  What a very nice thing to do.  I was very touched.  The art work at top is from the card sent to me, it is by Erika Oller and is titled, "Ground Cover".  Very fun.

Sher - I will always be united to you in prayer, praying with you and for you.  Thank you for the prayers, the beautiful framed art work, and the prayer cards. 


  1. I've been reading about Fatima lately and decided I needed a picture of Jacinta and Francesco. I was disappointed at the lack of holy pictures of them, but finally found one that I decided was really beautiful. What a happy coincidence when I scrolled down and saw that the artist was one Terence Nelson. I should receive it this week.

  2. Thanks CK - I painted it and it was printed, then Fr. Robert Fox wanted it for his parish, but had me add some details to it. I'm glad you liked it.

    Fatima remains very important to me and I also remain convinced we are living through the 3rd part of the secret.


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