Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Preparations are in progress.

Are we paying attention?

Last evening I read a few news stories online, after having listened to the Charlie Rose interview with Obama.

Obama sought to assure the American people that NSA doesn't collect data or listen in to our phone calls, they just record date and time and so on.  The President is telling us it is necessary for security.  Be that as it may, I don't believe anything he says.  The set up NSA has now can be easily controlled by a tyrant - today or very soon, if things get any worse in the world and in this country.  The potential for abuse is enormous.  Do you really trust our government? 

Think about it - Nancy Pelosi, a self-proclaimed devout and respectable Catholic, who adheres to the Kennedy doctrine of no Catholic influence upon her political decisions, in a country wherein separation of Church and State is sacrosanct, tells the press that abortion - the killing of infants in and outside the womb - is 'sacred'.  It is totally absurd.

Unfortunately, many of our elected officials - 'careerists' - remind me of those Pope Francis spoke about at this morning's Mass:
Pope Francis criticized not only the vanity of the scribes and Pharisees, but also those who impose “so many precepts on the faithful.” He called them “hypocrites of casuistry,” “intellectuals without talent” who “don’t have the intelligence to find God, to explain God with understanding,” and so prevent themselves and others from entering into the Kingdom of God. - Vatican Radio
[Don't worry, I'm painfully aware that the Pope's words on hypocrisy apply to me as well.  "Lord, have mercy on me a sinner."]

Cult of death.

Exterminating unwanted infants by abortion is no longer enough, and laws are changing to permit infanticide and euthanasia for children.  LifeSiteNews published a story by Peter Saunders, "Belgium and the Netherlands have taken major steps towards euthanasia for children."  Saunders correctly connects these developments  to how Nazi health care policies developed 70 years ago:
The euthanasia programme in Nazi Germany, later headed by the same Karl Brandt, did not begin in prison camps like Auschwitz and Treblinka. It began far more subtly with doctors in hospitals and its very first victims were children who were killed on supposedly compassionate grounds. 
It is bitterly ironic that child euthanasia is happening again seventy years later on the very same grounds in two countries that share a common border with Germany.  - Source
Depressed yet?

Read the Crisis article by Marjorie Jeffrey about the Frenchman who committed suicide in protest over gay marriage legislation at the altar in Notre Dame, Paris.  A Warning to the West:
The final piece that he wrote on his personal blog, “The May 26 Protests and Heidegger,” gives a clearer explanation of his death than does his suicide letter. It contains a warning and a call to arms. He addresses this warning to the French anti-gay marriage protesters, who, in his opinion, have addressed their rightful indignation at the wrong thing. Venner himself expressed horror at the notion of “gay marriage,” but his objection to the culture of relativism goes deeper than that. He relates the words of an Algerian blogger,
“In any case,” he said, “in 15 years the Islamists will be in power in France and will remove this law.” Not to please us, we suspect, but because it is contrary to Sharia (Islamic law).
This is the only superficially common point between the European tradition (that respects women) and Islam (which does not respect them). But the bald assertion of the Algerian is chilling. These consequences will be far greater and more catastrophic then the detestable Taubira law.
Ultimately, the objections of the May 26th protesters will be moot. Gay marriage is a smaller symptom of the disease. In the end, the suicide of Europe will result in conquest by Islam. He continues, “The May 26 protestors cannot ignore this reality. Their struggle cannot be limited to the rejection of gay marriage. The ‘great replacement’ of the population of France and Europe, denounced by the writer Renaud Camus, is a far more catastrophic danger for the future.” - Crisis
An after thought.

After my rosary last night I was thinking of Fatima and something Sr. Lucy told John Paul II before the Third Secret was finally revealed, "We are going towards it, little by little."  Hence my title for this post, "Preparations are in progress".  They seem to be accelerating.

And so, after awhile, I opened my little New Testament and Psalms to this:
And he said to me, "These words are trustworthy and true.  And the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, has sent his angel to show his servants what must soon take place.  And behold, I am coming soon." - Revelation 22:6

I hope. 


  1. I hope so too Terry! I am starting to get run down from all the downright evil our nation and people fully support. I hate seeing us go down that road, but I know that the only thing that will pull us out of this spiritual... decay? Rot? I'm not sure I can describe it anymore. Keep praying, especially your rosary. Go to daily Mass as often as you can. These are the things I do, but I find myself getting more discouraged. I'm thinking I need to take a break from the Internet. :-/

    God bless, Terry!

    1. Yes - getting offline helps. Thanks Steven

  2. Thank you Terry for speaking. The times in which we live are very serious indeed. When Sr. Lucia said we are moving towards it little by little, this was true back then...was it about 20 years ago? We are moving more quickly now however I believe. Catholics need to wake up and stand up and speak up. We have a nation of narcissistic narceleptics-self centered and asleep at a time when we need to be very awake and prayerful. Our Pope is preparing us in very pastoral and gentle ways but when we listen to the core message-he is very aware of where we are and to a great degree I believe, where we are headed. Our Rosary, even if prayed badly is a mighty weapon.Recently through the advice of a friend I began praying the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary. A Fatima organization puts out a nice little booklet to help. What I noticed is that it truly draws my heart more deeply in union with the Immaculate Heart-which of course is Fatima's message as well. Thank you again for your voice. Let us all pray for one another as what is needed now is courage and a willingness to speak truth.

  3. You hope? You hope?

    This is the most hopeless thinking I've seen in a long time.

    Jeez. Just shoot yourself now and get it over with already if you feel that way. I mean, if you really think this way, you're dead in your heart and your mind anyway.

    1. What if I killed myself after reading your comment - then you could be charged with bullying and encouraging me to commit suicide. See how un-quiet and un-calm your behavior is?


    2. Yeah, but you'd go to Hell because you committed suicide, so there...

      It's a rhetorical question. I'm from NY. We don't curl up into the fetal position when someone says something like that.


      Seriously -- that's no way to think. Do you really see more bad than good in this world?

      I don't.

    3. I thought you lived on Market St. in San Francisco.

      I see dead people.


    4. LIVE on Market Street? Have you ever been here? No one lives on Market Street, at least not at this end. I live in a glitzy glass tower in SoMa.

      I do, however, volunteer at St. Anthony's. And that's why I see more good here than bad. There's infinitely more good to be found among all those poor, lost, forgotten, broken people than there is among the navel-gazing, misery-mongering "wondering" on teh internets.

      Have a nice life, however long it lasts.

    5. I have been there - I was joking. Sorry.

      It's wonderful the work you do - and that is how to do it.

      Sorry I wasn't up enough for you today.

      I'm sure you must have heard of or read St. Peter's admonition to “hasten the day” of the Lord, and may even recall the other verse from Revelation "The spirit and Bride say come!"

      It's not all doom and gloom to look forward to his coming - we proclaim that mystery every day at Mass.

      Call it navel gazing if you must.

      Please pray for me because I am truly one of those poor, lost, forgotten, broken people you serve - I'm not a good man though.

    6. Quietcalmspirit, if you happen to check back, I researched and found out people really do continue to live on Market St. - I posted a photo with a link.

  4. Thanks once more, Terry, for a thought-provoking post: I see Europe as Islamic in the future as well - there is a terrific author, Bat Ye'Or, who some time ago warned about this in her book, Eurabia - the Euro-Arab Axis, and more recently, another, part of the title is The Coming of the Universal Caliphate" - such a chasm between Islam and 'the west' - I remember her saying something about how we, America, have time yet to prevent this occuring here. I hope so. remember the Battle of Lepanto...I have been trying so hard to remember how Our Lady is venerated for her role in this - Our Lady of Triumph ? I remember something...about how this image of her morphed into another - could it be Our Lady of the Rosary ? my mind is really going, I can barely concentrate and really can't read a book though anymore: if I Could read a book: beginning to end, it should be The Shallows, about how being on the internet has affected our brains so deeply !

  5. I hope He comes soon too! I doubt it because things would probably have to get a lot worse than they are now... Still, hoping for the Lord to come is the most hopeful thing there could be! :)

  6. "And as he was setting out on his journey, a man ran up and knelt before him and asked him, "Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?" And Jesus said to him, "Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone." (Mark 10:17-18)

    If Jesus will not accept being called good then I guess none of us really can. However, Terry you are a compassionate and kind soul who truly is dedicated to the Lord and bringing joy (with some funniness) to others. I know!!!

  7. On there is a great talk on Fatima by the Carmelite theologian Rev. Joseph de Sainte Marie. The talk is from the early 80s but has some interesting implications for 2017. Obviously God works in patterns to help us understand his designs, and so the carmelite points out that many enemies of the Church have arisen in years ending in '17'. Luther's revolt in 1517, masons founded in 1717, Bolshevik revolution in 1917. Many have also pointed out that Fatima was the greatest miracle since Biblical times, was essentially a warning, shares imagery with the story of Noah, and that the flood followed the warning by 100 years. So "duck and cover" in 2017!

    1. That is interesting - I will check it out. Thanks Scott.


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