Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Pope and The Anchoress

I know!

It's almost as if Pope Francis is promoting Elizabeth Scalia's book: Strange Gods, Unmasking the Idols in Everyday Life.  Talk about providential and fortuitous and, and, and...
"Idolatry is subtle…we all have our hidden idols"

"We can now ask Jesus: 'Lord, you who are so good, teach me to be this path so that every day I may be less distant from the kingdom of God, this path to drive out all of my idols'. It is difficult, but we must begin ... The idols hidden in the many saddles, which we have in our personalities, in the way we live: drive out the idol of worldliness, which leads us to become enemies of God. We ask this grace of Jesus, today. " - Pope Francis homily, Vatican Radio
I intend this slim book to be the start of an adventure - a look at the myriad ways we who call ourselves 'believers' and 'people of faith' and who believe idolatry to be something ancient, outmoded, and outside ourselves, are in fact everyday idolaters.  We are so comfortable with our idols and so convinced that they are built on entirely correct ideas that we have stopped wondering at anything and, therefore, are comprehending almost nothing. - Strange Gods

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