Friday, June 07, 2013

If you never read another blog, you have got to read this guy: Scott Woltze

I am totally amazed that this man even commented on my blog.  You must read his conversion story at his blog, Thou wilt turn, O God, and bring us to life.

Anyone who has had a deep conversion experience will recognize something authentic in Scott's story.  God loves us so much.  Today the Holy Father said at Mass: "...let Him love us. Let Him draw close to us and feel Him close to us."  In that he echoes another great penitent, Angela of Foligno, to whom the Lord said, "Let yourself be loved."
"A God who draws near out of love, walks with His people, and this walk comes to an unimaginable point. We could never have imagined that the same Lord would become one of us and walk with us, be present with us, present in His Church, present in the Eucharist, present in His Word, present in the poor, He is present, walking with us. And this is closeness: the shepherd close to his flock, close to his sheep, whom he knows, one by one. " - Pope Francis
To be open to God's love, to allow ourselves to be loved, to be taught... not to teach - but to be taught:
"'Lord, I want to love You, but teach me the difficult science, the difficult habit of letting myself be loved by You, to feel You close and feel Your tenderness ! May the Lord give us this grace. " - Francis
Thank you Scott Woltze for visiting my blog.



  1. Hi Terry,
    Thanks for the post, but I'm just a poor sinner like everyone else. I'm grateful that so many people have read my story given that it is so long. I think it needed to be long so people would have more "data" to judge whether the story was true or not.

    Thanks for your great writing over the years. Your blog is never boring, and you have written the most profound pieces on SSA that I've ever seen.
    God bless you,

    1. Thanks again Scott. I got a couple emails from priests who read my blog and they thanked me for linking to your blog - they are edified and praise God for the good work he has done in your life.

      God bless!


  2. ok you're freaking me out. during my morning offering the words 'just let yourself be loved' came to me. i did not read anything about the Holy Father's words, read anything, etc.

    Spirit of God.

    1. That is providential. Very good!


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