Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Intercessors of the Lamb-Bellwether Foundress, M. Nadine Brown, RIP

Former Contemplatives of the Good Shepherd nun, Nadine Brown, founder of the canonically suppressed Catholic lay ecclesial movement,  Intercessors of the Lamb, has died.  (Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc, is now disassociated from the Catholic Church.)
On Monday, the Intercessors posted a picture of Brown and wrote on their website: “In loving gratitude for the life of Mother Nadine, our beloved Foundress, who the Heavenly Father called Home today.” 
Funeral services were pending at John A. Gentleman Mortuaries' 72nd Street Chapel. - Story here and here.

May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace.


  1. The Intercessors of the Lamb has not been designated a cult by the diocesan authority and I don't think you should use that title either. I never understood the ins and outs of the problems there but Mother Nadine was forced to leave the cloister and to begin with found herself, in old age, in a motel. The formation of an ecumenical contemplative centre is not necessarily something that removes a person from communion with the Catholic Church. As far as I am aware there was never any question of her "leaving" the Catholic Church. If you have more information about this, I honestly think that, in justice, you should share it rather than suggesting that she was not reconciled with the Church.

  2. Thanks Father - it seemed like a cult to me - but I'll fix it. I wasn't sure of the status of Nadine Brown - I will remove the implication that she may have not been reconciled to the Church.

    Thanks for bringing the error to my attention.

  3. Thank you so much Fr. John for making this comments, I knew of Mother Nadine in 2010 when I was so blessed to attend her last conference at QUEST. My faith is stronger than ever since I became a Catholic Charismatic and now benefitting from Mother Nadine's teaching my faith in the Lord gets stronger and stronger every passing day. In our Catholic Church we have many snakes and vipers that eat our brothers and sisters instead of enriching them and help them reach their spiritual maturity. One cannot pray with compassion and sorrow for the snakes and vipers in our Catholic Church if one do not have the heart of JESUS. Mother Nadine have the heart of JESUS that is why with all these persecutions, lies, innuendos, and attack against her and IOL she never resorted to counter attack but remained little to the end and only trust in her Abbah Father and pray with compassion for those used by the enemy to do his bidding to destroy what bears fruit and fruit in abundance. A child of God is unitive not divisive. I am a humble servant of God from Australia who is very grateful for the gift of having known Mother Nadine and who is actively involve and supportive of the IOL. Mother Nadine in the Lord's time will be canonized as a Saint. You see God don't make mistakes and there is only one Holy Spirit and she is filled with the Holy Spirit because her heart is pure and full of love to the end.

  4. I love the awesome teaching of Mother Nadine and have many teaching CD's from her and they are very Catholic. I am a lifelong Catholic and know they are beautiful and anointed.

    We all need more understanding of God's Word and the Holy Spirit.

    God bless the work of Mother Nadine, a true soldier for Jesus Christ!
    Joanne Dunn

  5. Thanks for taking Fr.'s advice. I knew Mother Nadine for a number of years and was a companion as well. I don't know all what happened to cause the big split, other than the Bishop asking Rome for a review and the results. There were issues with finances etc. according to the report, but other issues as well which questioned some of the manners in which they prayed, and from what I saw showed a general lack of understanding, by the Rome representative, of Catholic Charismatic prayer. The Lambs and Mother enjoyed the support of Bishops for decades until the current Bishop. There should have been a Charismatic Liaison from Rome involved in the review as well. The Archbishop of Omaha had even co-celebrated Mass on the main night every year as well at the annual conference and gave the homily.

    There was regular ongoing spiritual warfare prayer going on with the Lamb's, prayer requests from around the world we used to pray for and they would send letters as well to follow up. Mother was well-trained from the start, many years ago. Her spiritual director was Fr. Thomas Halley, S.J., now deceased, he was also my confessor from the time I came back to the Church in about 1983. Fr. Halley was extremely holy and most Jesuits considered him a living Saint. I had an unbelievable amount of inner healing take place just going to confession to Fr. Halley.

    Mother Nadine was formed by him when she began the new order. Fr. Halley for years was also the exorcist for the Archdiocese of Omaha. This is where Mother learned much of the different aspects of spiritual warfare, what to do with different types of spirits and principalities etc.

    I'd say given the massive damage done to satan's kingdom over the years with the Lambs the main one that has been laughing is the devil.

    When I was hitting bottom with drinking and drugs in 1980, my aunt was in a prayer group with Mother Nadine, she was asking for prayers for me as I was getting bad. After intense prayer Mother got a word that I was going to be OK and come through it. Not long after that I went to treatment, got sober and have remained so since 3/18/1980. In 1982 I came back fully tot he Church, and one day I was standing in line in confession for Fr. Halley, and I saw Mother Nadine dressed in white. I had heard from my aunt and mom of here earlier prayers, so I called here over as I had never met her. I said Mother you prayed for me quite a while back, and here I am in lien for confession, so that was very nice.

    Rest in peace Mother, now you can be with all of your loved ones, Our Lord and Our Lady.
    Tom D McKinney TX

  6. Hi Tom - Thank you for commenting. I obviously didn't understand the scope of M. Nadine's work and I'm always grateful when Fr. Abberton comes along to call my attention to an error. I've been thinking a lot about this and I'm terribly sorry for having mischaracterized M. Nadine.

  7. Thanks, terry appreciate it


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