Monday, June 03, 2013

Pope Francis endorses Elizabeth Scalia's book - again...

I know!

American Blog-idol, Elizabeth Scalia recently published a book, Strange Gods, Unmasking the idols in Everyday Life, a book which has undoubtedly influenced Pope Francis to a great degree since he often refers to the idolatry of modern times.
So many times, the Pope noted, we’ve seen “the great ones of the earth want to solve” local problems, economic problems, economic crises “with a war.”

“Why? Because, for them, money is more important than people! And war is just that: it is an act of faith in money, in idols, in idols of hatred, in the idol that leads to killing one’s brother, which leads to killing love. It reminds me of the words of God our Father to Cain, who, out of envy, had killed his brother: ‘Cain, where is your brother?’ Today we can hear this voice: it is God our Father who weeps, crying for this madness of ours, who asks all of us, ‘Where is your brother?’ Who says to the powerful of the earth, ‘Where is your brother? What have you done!’” - Pope Francis, homily for Saturday, June 1, 2013

I've read Strange Gods and recommend it highly, simply because most of us no longer think in those terms.  Idols?  Really?  We do not take idolatry seriously - we in fact approve of it as fans of this or that entertainment figure or political leader.  We live in a totally materialistic culture which rejects - removes God - even to the mention of His Name - except for cursing, of course.

Ed. Note:  Elizabeth Scalia is not the same person as U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia.

Ms. Isabel (Elizabeth) has been on her book signing tour
and therefore unavailable for comment.  For this Pope, it appears she's the new Ganswein.



  1. No one is commenting for fear of Patheos retribution.....

    ... I kid!

    Seriously though, soon there will be posts about those scandalous Abbey Roads commenters, and their sinister Catholic subculture.

    ... No really, I'm kidding.

  2. You crack me up.

    But I think you are right on both counts.

  3. If anything happens to BC, we'll know why.

    1. Well I keep posting positive stuff about the book. But I'm not looking for praise and thanks or links.


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