Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mrs. Tsarnaev complains: “America took my kids away from me” and wished she had never left Russia.

“Why did I even go there?” Zubeidat Tsarnaeva said, crying, after CBS News correspondent Charlie D’Agata asked if she regretted the move. - Source

Yeah.  Why?



  1. I know a LOT of immigrant-types (husband, ethnic church members, my ESL students)....the 'worst' immigrants are those who won the green card lottery- they have instant legal status and leave their countries with no English- but since they are legal, they qualify for all the social goodies. It's not easy...I feel like our immigration non-policies benefit big business with semi-slave labor and liberals who dole out the freebies for future votes

  2. I wish she hadn't left either and I am sure so do the families of the the innocent four dead victims and all the injured who are still suffering in ways we cannot understand. May offend a few but frankly if you don't love this country-stay home and leave room for those who want to come and share the beauty of who they are with America. So done with this lousy immigrant system.


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