Sunday, April 21, 2013

I said it out loud.

Good Shepherd Sunday

I shook my head as if to get rid of the thought, and exclaimed, "Oh my God!' 

Out loud, during the presentation of the gifts at Mass.  Fortunately there was singing, and I sit alone off to the side, towards the back - so I don't think anyone noticed or heard it.  I can't recall ever doing anything like that before.

I was praying for the victims ... in Boston ... as well as the Gosnell victims.  A baby. Swimming. In a toilet.  It seemed I could visualize what happened next.  I jerked my head toward my left, looking down at the floor, and spontaneously exclaimed, almost groaning, through clenched teeth, "Oh my God!"

Immediately I looked up and noticed the Twelfth Station of the Cross above me.  Then I looked to see if anyone heard me.  I'm quite sure no one noticed.

"Don't let anybody hurt anybody."



  1. thankfully God heard you. Love your site!

  2. Gosh we both chose the same icon today. Your taste in art must be rubbing off on me. Although the Murillo painting I wanted of the child Jesus I couldn't find except with and art sites logo across it. Anyway, I agree with Mari Kate. I love your blog!

  3. Thanks to both of you.

    I love this image - I've seen it before as a Bavarian image.


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