Monday, April 22, 2013

Mass Chat: Earth Day ...

Earth Day was 'observed' at the weekend Masses at my parish.

I didn't make fun of it this year.  After the ordinary prayers of the faithful, a series of Earth Day prayers were recited alternately, by one side of the church and the other.  I participated.  It didn't kill me or my spirit of prayer.  No climate change/global warming propaganda was mentioned.

My parish has a school and Earth Day is something the students celebrate and know about.*  They have projects they do.  When I was in elementary school we had fire prevention classes and we got badges - we learned how to make our homes safer from fire.  It's kind of the same thing. 

I sensed a certain freedom of spirit at Mass this weekend.  I attribute it to Pope Francis.  I allowed myself to be fed, as it were.  To be taught.  To accept the liturgy just as it is.  The hymns, the singing - I don't sing usually, so it didn't matter.  The Pastor's homily even seemed more enthusiastic - he mentioned things Pope Francis said - he also referred to the writings of Pope Benedict with equal inspiration - he wasn't simply reading a text.

This morning I received a newsletter from a community of diocesan religious whom I once regarded with suspicion.  (They had a few problem brothers at one time who have since left the community.)  I was pleased to read of their apostolic work with some of the most needy and marginalized amongst us.  I saw their work with new eyes, as it were.  I saw how closely their apostolate resembles that of Bergoglio's.  I also think they have more vocations now than ever.

Maybe because I'm praying more to the Holy Spirit than just my ordinary daily prayer, that could explain why everything seems new to me - or refreshed.  I don't know.  Something is happening - I sense a renewal... sort of a new springtime.

Oddly enough, another winter storm is on the way - more snow - 4"-7" is forecast for Minneapolis...  I know it will melt though.  I know the sun is shining beyond the clouds.

*FYI:  The parish also has a vibrant pro-life apostolate, pro-family apostolate, as well as a committed social justice committee; outreach to the homeless, as well as deep involvement in Haiti, mission trips, supporting a school, home for women, and so on. 

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  1. I don't go gaga over Gaia, but I try to compost, and recycle not for any knee jerk liberal propaganda, but because I live on this planet and I don't want to be buried alive in my own trash.


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