Friday, April 26, 2013

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Another follow-up.

You don't have to believe me.  I'm not reinventing anything.  I'm not trying to propose a new way of life - I'm just trying to demonstrate there is a way out of a sinful life.

How can a young man remain sinless? - redux.
The Psalmist asks, and so do parents...And many times, young men, as well as older men - with 'arrested development'. (Sound the dramatic music!) Seriously - it is a perennial question, and one perhaps asked with a greater sense of urgency when kids are encouraged to be gay just because they feel 'attracted' or curious about same sex BFF's and sexual curiosity and teenage infatuation - for a schoolmate, team mate, coach, teacher - whomever an emotionally immature kid happens to have feelings for. Guided as they are today by television, film, pop music, fashion, trend and inappropriate sex-ed programs in school, it is almost as if young people do not have a chance to 'remain sinless'. Socially and culturally conditioned and coerced to make sexual preference choices at an early age - a lot of kids are sure to get it wrong. 
What's a parent to do?One mother found a good priest and asked him to speak to her son - who in turn was willing to cooperate. Sadly, the mother on her own tried to intervene with her son, but the young man was convinced being gay was alright these days, arguing, “It’s legal now, and everyone has the right to fall in love. Anyway, they have a special Mass for gays in Westminster and Jesus said not to judge”.
Thus we see the scandal caused by Catholic entities who encourage youth to accept their sexual inclination and or temptations as fixed and immutable sexual orientation - when even the 'out and about gay activists', in and out of the Church, promote and celebrate the 'queer' concept of genderless sexual-fluidity; something which strikes me as a rather fortuitous, although unintended, defense of choice and free will if there ever was one... it surely implies choice, don't you agree? (Yes, I do.)
[Read more here.]

On living together - chastely and celibately.Father D is correct about living together - it can be done, but it is not ideal - especially for the young and emotionally/sexually immature. I commented on the post going further, suggesting this thought:
I think living together in chaste friendship works best with ssa persons who may have been in relationship but find themselves called to conversion, or find themselves able to accept Church teaching on sexuality and wish to re-order their lives accordingly - in this they can become a support to one another. For this to happen however, there needs to be some sort of emotional, sexual maturity, as well as conviction regarding Catholic teaching and the recognition/understanding that ssa is objectively disordered.

Unfortunately, this maturity is often lacking in a young man educated in the liberal - permissive, pro-choice environment of today's Catholic and secularized education system. Indeed it would require heroic virtue and great maturity to live like that. - My thoughts.

There is still more to read here - if you are interested.  I think I'm done with the issue, which is why comments are closed on these posts.

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