Monday, March 11, 2013

What Kind of Pope Should the Cardinals Elect?

The Locutions to the World ... continued ...

The locutions from Monsignor Essef's spiritual child continue to be published.  I became aware of it while reading another person's blog on the end times.  Everyone has their gift from God, so I'm not making fun or scoffing here.  Admittedly, I don't get it, but I'm not scoffing either.  That said, I don't understand why people want to divine the future so eagerly, nor do I understand why Heaven would feel it necessary to discuss with us the goings on in preparation for the Conclave.  Especially since we can pretty much know what is going on through natural means - not to mention media reports.

The following quote allegedly from Our Lady strikes me as particularly unusual, or at best, way out of character for the Blessed Virgin.
I will speak clearly. The words must be like a knife, cutting to the heart. Do not give me a pope who will not consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart. Let him not be vague on this issue. It is already late, very late. This must be his primary goal. Consecrating Russia must have been in his heart years ago. I will reject every candidate for whom the consecration of Russia is not first in their hearts. If their names are put forth, I will personally defeat them. I will act through those who are my closest friends. - Locutions to the World, March 2, 2013

Today it is one month since Pope Benedict announced his resignation.  I wonder if he was able to imagine how crazy things would get?

"What? 'Vote for Turkson' posters?!"


  1. I think the real Mary wants predominant Catholic countries cleaned up before Russia. Honduras (97% Catholic) and El Salvador (79% Catholic) lead the world in murder rates...2nd and 1st respectively...UN figures. Three predominant Catholic countries lead the world in cocaine trafficing...Columbia, Bolivia and Peru. And two...Brazil and Phillipines... are in the top 4 for sexual trafficing of children. Four Catholic countries have children living on the streets in substantial numbers...East Timor, Phillipines, Brazil and Uruguay. And ?Mary is worried about Russia instead of Catholic countries. If you travel, you are safer in Shinto Japan than in virtually every Catholic country on earth.
    And Mary doesn't know this? We need a Vatican inquiry as to the mental health of the private revelation segment of Catholicism.

  2. Terry, based on that locution alone, I will say they are false. It sounds to me like it was written by someone in the Gruner-Ferrara camp.

  3. I really have never fully known what to make of the consecration of Russia idea, no matter what the source is.

    Somewhat separately, I was wondering why there seems to be much attention given to locutions lately, and there seems to have been very little attention given to the two new Doctors of the Church that Pope Benedict proclaimed. Pehaps I'm guilty of setting up a false dilemma here, but aren't they worthy of particular attention, if anyone?

  4. I fear that things will get even crazier before all of this is over. I am reading the Socci book and all I can think of is that since Our Lady of Fatima wanted her messages given to the Pope then it is for the Pope to decide what to do with them, how and when to consecrate Russia and what secrets to release, etc. There should not be so much turmoil over it all.

  5. Was she like this while she was on earth?

    "Listen, my son. I shall be quite clear: do not appoint James or John, or any apostle whose name begins with an M. I will personally vanquish them if you do. The first pope must already have it in his head to consecrate the Roman Empire to my Immaculate Heart and usher in the Age of Mary. It is already late!"

    I think today's Mary is like, and not completely unlike, the Mary we encounter in scripture...serene, humble, calm, and joyful...except that she is now in Heaven, of course, enjoying her due reward.

    She is not anxious about anything, she is not being dispatched to earth every ten minutes to deliver cryptic messages to obscure women and children, and I strongly suspect that her thoughts do not in any way whatsoever revolve around the papacy.

  6. You'll notice also that Mary is talking as though the Holy Spirit is not present at all at the conclave and is not on Whom she is depending but rather she is depending on herself and on "closest friends"... small f. Try to find God in this battle she is discussing.

  7. This is the problem I have with these "locutions", that they demand that the consecration to Russia be done or insisting that it wasn't done just so. Sr. Lucia said over and over that it was accomplished! It has been done! I believe her.


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