Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Last night I was reading more 'prophecies' and 'locutions' online ...


Why do I do it?  Last night I came across a reference in the com-box of another site dedicated to such matters.  So much of the private revelation stuff seems so very convoluted.  I bet most of the Cardinals in the Conclave do not even think on the same terms as these visionaries... I can't imagine Pope Benedict giving them much credence.  A lot of it seems rather extra Ecclesiam if you ask me...

Disclaimer:  Just remember I predicted the new Pope will be elected today, 3/13/13.  If the Cardinals don't signal white smoke - or, when they do, it looks black - it still happened, but only the good will see it.  What?


  1. I am sadly attracted to all of that too, Terry: but it leaves my head spinning and I feel like I have eaten too much, or had too much coffee.....crazy & a little sick...holy simplicity can't have any room for this - Is like a diversion, better, for sure (?!) than The Walking Dead, or something - my pull toward escapest tv made me cut off cable from my life - *sigh*.

  2. Terry: I have been by more than once and have left more than one comment I have a few things to say:

    Firstly, the comment above I presume should be deleted since it appears to be a "oh, the name escapes me, you know they comment on blogs to post ads- what are they called?"

    Secondly: Regading private and your predictions.

    Here's mine it came to me when a priest was talking on TV before the first ballot burning smoke watch

    Date: 15 of March
    Elected as Pope : Cardinal Ventitre

    I should point out my tongue is firmly in my cheek, except if it comes true and then well, I knew it all the time. I have totally renounced my previous prediction which I had posted here on another because well I got this one.

    I will recite a Decade of the Rosary to whomever gets the reference for my predictions

  3. Hmmm... there is no Cardinal with that name... Ventitre is Italian for 23 and is a cardinal number... John XXIII?

  4. Oops It would Be Cardinal Vingt- Trois (23 in French,) Arch Bishop of Paris

    My mistake

  5. Those 'locutions' and 'prophecies' are the cheese doodles of the Catholic blog world. Not much substance, lots of air, no nutritional value, and they leave a fluorescent orange stain on your hands, not at all like our tribal markings of Ash Wednesday. It is ok to binge on them once in a great while, but a steady diet of them is bad for one's health - mental, emotional, and spiritual.
    Personally, I only eat cheese doodles if someone has left a bowl of them for all in the common lunch room. Then no cheese doodle is safe.

    On blogs worth reading, the Post has a profile on Rocco Palmo, and his Whispers from the Loggia blog:

  6. This papal resignation was everything the apocalypse industry was hoping for and more after 2012 breached contract by coming and going without producing the promised armageddon.

    I don't know what the visionaries and the History Channel are gonna do when the next pope dies peacefully in his bed 15 years from now and is succeeded by yet another pope whose name isn't Peter.

    Hopefully there will be some more comets or solar flares. Maybe the patriarch of Moscow will go and consecrate Italy or something. Anything.


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