Saturday, November 03, 2012

St Martin de Porres - redux for his feast day

I loved St. Martin since a very young age.  At some point, I wrote to the Dominican friars to obtain a relic of the blessed when I was in 4th or 5th grade.  They sent me a 2nd class relic, a swatch of his tunic.  I now have a 1st class relic encased in a reliquary, along with his pals, St. Rose of Lima and St. John Macias.  I was attracted to St. Martin because he seemed to have garnered the very last place amongst Dominican saints.  He was a mulatto, a black, and 'only' a donate-brother.  Oddly enough, at that age I think I wanted to be black, since black people  seemed to be the poorest of the poor in our country at that time.  I had no comprehension that my family was also very poor for the times.  I often embarrassed my parents with sentiments like that.
Art:  Photography:  "Saint Martin de Porres"  -  Pierre et Gilles, 1990

Silver reliquary containing the relic of St. Martin, click to enlarge.
St. Rose and St. John Macias are also included.

St. Martin remains an indiscriminate wonder worker.  He is a helper for our animals and pets too.  Thank you St. Martin for Gabby's recovery.


  1. Dear Mr. Nelson,

    Really good photo of San Martin.

    I will start passing it out in the Mexican Community here.

    Is it possible to get a reliquary like the one in the photo?

    We need one for a four inch crucifix we found.

    Keep up the good work.

    tu amigo para siempre.


  2. It's okay Mr.Terry, you can still be an african American in your heart.

    I'm a soul train dancer in my heart.

    I love St. Martin.

  3. I wish I could remember where I had read it, but I read about poor children in NYC, who wanted to do something for the poor at Christmas. Their teacher wondered who was possibly poorer than they were; they raised money to buy toys for kids in the hospital.

    Terry, if you had food, clothing and shelter, why would you have a concept of poverty? Kids just don't know.

  4. Very pretty and lucky you! Next time you kiss the relic, please remember all of the intentions of your readers. Do pray for us too, as we do for you.

  5. We placed St. Martin de Porres medals in our garage several years ago petitioning him to rid us of the "vermin".
    It worked.
    But now, unfortunately, the Sr. in the convent places "poison" there;
    I can't control EVERYTHING!
    Love the picture with the dog and kitty...thanks, Mr. Terry!

  6. I have some third class relics (St John Vianney, St Maravillas, St Pio among others) I don't have a reliquary so I place them inside the frame of my Sacred Heart picture. St Martin de Porres pray for us!


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