Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mass Chat: Animal House

The Costume Mass.

It's for the kids, they just show up for Mass with their families and camera phones. Mass is reverent - no costumes for the priest or servers. At the end, before the blessing, all the kids land on the altar steps amidst great tumult, and Father speaks about the real meaning of Halloween - All Hallows Eve, saints and holiness, then everyone takes photos and videos on their cell phones, then the last blessing and then pandemonium.

It was stressful. I've been feeling stressed lately anyway - because of the elections and all the anti-Catholic nastiness and homo-hetro-phobia and personal health issues, and everyone knows I hate to complain - yet I had hoped for some recollection at church, but it wasn't to be found - in quiet, at least. After Mass was the pizza party, and before was the children's choir practice and the ushers were locked out of their room and there was a bit of commotion, and, and.

If one desires silence for recollection, one ought to join a monastery I suppose.

Of course we do not always need silence, but it would be nice at church sometimes. I was in the chapel before Mass to pray my rosary, and I suppose my eyes were closed when another man came in, sat beside me and got my attention by tapping his feet and clearing his throat. I think he just wanted to see if I was awake.

Christ walked in peace through the midst of them.

And the blind Bartimaeus prayed amidst the tumult.

We can too.


  1. Kathy - Chicago6:49 PM

    It's hard though, and I am weary.

    1. I am weary too - yet I remain so grateful to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus.

  2. Anonymous8:45 PM

    The person trying out for the music director at my parish pulled out an accordian for the last two hymns. If he is hired, I will leave my parish....sigh.


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