Saturday, November 03, 2012

Disaster preparedness and Sandy...

All your stored up goods... gone.

Fr. Z was right about one thing - go to confession because you never know the day or the hour - we all could die unexpectedly or from some disaster like Superstorm Sandy.  The death toll on the East Coast alone is at 109 and may continue to rise.  For those people who lost their lives, no disaster preparedness or stockpile of food and drink and warm clothes or fuel or ammunition could have helped them. 

The same with the folks on Staten Island and the Jersey Shore - especially Breezy Point.  Though many escaped with their lives, they lost their homes to the tidal waves as well as fire.  It is shocking to see the fottage of the neighborhood that was burned out - nothing survived save the foundations of the houses - everything else was consumed and reduced to rubble.  If these poor people had stockpiles of anything on the premises - it was gone - not just left behind, but gone.   No electricity, no water, no gas - no nothing.

I've been thinking of these things while praying for the victims.

So what can man do?  What can a man provide in exchange for his life? 

But God said unto him, You fool, this night your soul shall be required of you: then whose shall those things be, which you have prepared? - Luke 12:20

For no man buy his own ransom,
or pay a price to God for his life.
- Ps. 49:8

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  1. Well, Dad says that Jim Bakker is peddling buckets of survival storage food and water filter bottles that can be used to sip water out of a pig sty or mudhole. Dad says that he and mother are going to put the cast-iron stove back in the house for cooking and heating. Dad's cousin has been working feverishly to can as much food as possible and store everything she can get. So---I'm thinking something is up.


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