Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Warnings for the Eastern Seaboard.

Remember when it was just poor people in far away places like Bangladesh or Banda Aceh or Haiti or New Orleans that got all the bad storms?



  1. So New Orleans is like Bangladesh and Haiti? :)

    I think the East Coast is gonna be just fine. Down here we find all the hullabaloo almost kinda cute.

    And screw the media.

  2. I did that just for you. ;)

  3. Unlike the New Orleans folks my neighbors aren't looting and our cops are on duty today.

    1. Thank God - glad you weathered the storm - looks like you have power too.

    2. Ha!

      I'm not responsible for how people behaved in the city - in a small part of the city. Most places here took good care of themselves and their communities while all the media attention went to the inner city where the violence and looting was.

      Do you mean to tell me y'all have had NO looting or anarchy up there on the East Coast at all :) ?


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