Friday, November 02, 2012

Further reflections on the perils of adoption...

I did not know that.

From a blogger* I can't link to:
I have been following the murder case of Moses Alfredo Kamin, a 15 year old Hispanic adoptee who strangled his white adoptive parents in Oakland this past January. The reporting smelled to me of suppressed information, --no photo of the son exists anywhere online--I became curious. His lawyer is now asserting that the 5'9" 220 lb. boy with karate training has "Adopted Child Syndrome."

I discovered that adopted children have a significantly higher level of criminality than biological children. Including the rates at which they kill their parents. Apparently adopted kids are much overrepresented among serial killers, too. Ted Bundy, Son of Sam, Eileen Wuornos, Richard Speck and the Hillside Stranglers, for example. A study of foreign-born, mostly non-White, kids adopted by affluent Swedes showed them having significantly less success and more problems than biological Swede kids.

Adoption is seen by our culture as such a noble deed that it never really occurs to us to ask how the process actually turns out sometimes. It seem that telling a child that they are chosen does not deal with the internal sense of dislocation and rejection. 
The closing of adoption records to adoptees is understandable in some ways, but from the viewpoint of the child, to know that strangers know who his parents are but he cannot must make for a lot of frustration, if not rage.
In the ongoing battle about gay marriage, I wonder if studies about the outcomes of gay-raised kids, many of whom will be adopted, and a significant number of whom will be racially different from their new parents, will be compared to other adopted kids? - The author is gay and a former priest.
I question the findings as regards serial killers and criminality - I didn't see any stats on that.  I know couples who have a United Nations of adoptees - maybe I should call them and warn them.  If it's true, I'm surprised Mia Farrow is still alive.  Maybe Brad and Angelina should sleep with a gun. 

I have a friend whose parents adopted numerous children, in addition to their numerous natural born children.  Great Catholic family, quite wealthy too - deeply dysfunctional as well.  The adopted kids are resented by the natural children, and vice versa.  They are all well into their 40's by now and the issues remain.

People are so screwed up - why inflict more harm on kids?

*The site contains nudity and some of my readers are disturbed by that.  I might add that the author maintains anonymity. 

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  1. As the blogger in question, I did make a link to the site where so much of the (to me) surprising information was contained. You can make of it what you want, of course. Just because something is on the net does not make it true.

    But I have to say that how you interpreted the higher numbers of adoptees among serial killers, etc was kind of ham-fisted. Mia Farrow and Angelina, etc. The site did not assert that most adoptees were killers, but that among certain kinds of killers, adoptees where disproportionately represented. An altogether different matter. Similarly, most step-parents are decent people, even if, in the same way, the incidence of child sexual abuse among them is far higher than among biological parents re their natural kids. Statistics, damned statistics.



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