Friday, November 30, 2012

Every dog has its day.

As the visions during the night continued...

That line is from the Book of Daniel and I use it facetiously as a way of noting that I couldn't sleep last night and I was thinking of many, many things...

Like Fr. Corapi.  What the hell happened there?  And where is he now?  It amazes me how quickly we recover from such stuff, move on, and frequently forget about it.  Remember all the fighting and name calling?  The detractors versus the defenders, and Corapi basking in it all, starting his own website with  over the top movie music and edge of your seat previews of his new mission?  How wonderfully messianic.  Ah!  And how easily we can be deceived.

Fr. Z has a good post up on Joan Chittister, pointing out how Catholics under 40 probably don't know who she is, nor do they seem to know, or care about such colleagues as Richard McBrien and Charles Curran.
As it turns out, younger people, younger committed Catholics, simply don’t know who these liberals are. - Fr. Z
Father is right of course.

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  1. It's a generalization, at best. I love Sr. Joan and her work.

  2. Hanging out with his little friend Satan?

  3. Not to worry Thom - there are still liberal young people.

  4. Nan - you are referring to the black poodle, right?

  5. Terry,

    it's a consolation to me that "younger committed Catholics, simply don’t know who these liberals are"

    I always assumed that persons of a certain age and vintage were the ones who were the Disciples of Sr Joan and co....

    I wish I didn't know who they were. A few years ago someone who knows me quite well ( so I thought) gave me a book by Joan Chittister for Christmas. I was like huh?! I really didn't know what to think... I sprinkled the room with holy water and got rid of it.

  6. I worry about Fr. Barron being next Fr. Corapi. Fame doesn’t seem to be good for the soul. I think that is why God allowed Mother Teresa to have a dark night of the soul for so long: it insulated her from her adoring fans and kept her from the pride that goes before a fall.

  7. +JMJ+

    And attention spans are just getting shorter.

    My brother who was born in 1997 didn't know who Buffy the Vampire Slayer was until this year.

    Catholic celebrities don't stand a chance.

    But then again, celebrity isn't their main concern, so it's all good, aye?

  8. Many years ago, my brother told me about this great new band he'd seen on Saturday Night Live. Aerosmith, circa their 1986 comeback. He also thought that the "original" SNL was better than that year...he thought Eddie Murphy was an original cast member.


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