Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Holiday Season in the United States

Attention! Attention!  Religious people of the United States!  Attention!

The Holiday Season in the United States normally begins on Thanksgiving Day. It is a commercial season in preparation for Christmas - a National holiday in the United States to this very day.  Secular Holiday Season ends New Year's Day.   

(The Holiday Season has been observed this way in the United States at least since WWII - if not before.)

That's all Poodles.


  1. But whatever happened to Advent? (Sigh.) I just put out my Advent wreath in preparation for Sunday and will get my crib set out to get ready for the Holy Family to arrive on Christmas Eve. They will travel around my family room on the journey to Bethlehem and little grandchildren will help me move them on the journey. We will put up the tree, maybe on Gaudete Sunday as a sign the day is nearing. If we had little ones still at home I would set it up now and fill it gradually with Jesse tree ornaments and leave the lights off until Gaudete Sunday. And then the celebration would really begin with "midnight" Mass which at our parish is usually eleven o'clock. How lovely to think of Advent; how sad that people completely ignore it.

  2. Am I supposed to go to the Mall now? Or not? ???

  3. Shopping for poodles?


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