Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Pope, the Ox, and the Ass...

Teddy-Bear-Bow-Wow Nativity.

Animals at the Nativity.

Fr. Z saves the day!
Media misquoting Holy Father's new book.
The real quote:
“No presentation of the crib is complete without the ox and the ass”
Kudos to Fr. Z indeed - and being slavishly accurate about translations?  It's a good thing.

If I had any money I'd send Fr. Z a donation right now. 


  1. In iconography the ox and the ass our required to create a true presentation of the Nativity. The elements are Mary, the infant Jesus, the Ox and the Ass. Not even Joseph is required in the scene.

    This is because 1) it's scriptural and 2) even the dumb [ox] and the slow & stubborn [ass] recognize Christ's kingship and bend their knee.

    Inn summary, you better recognize lest you be dumber than an ox and more stubborn than an ass.

    1. Bow-wow-teddy-bears recognize too.

  2. Is this true? The media misquoted the Holy Father's passage from his new book? This is unbelievable. Every comedian and pundit has used this as an excuse to say "See? See? See how useless and joyless this religion is?"

  3. Save your money for the cruise that Fr. Z and Michael Voris are planning together. Maybe well wishers can throw bird seed at the happy couple.


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