Monday, August 06, 2012

What did Moses and Elijah discuss with Jesus during the Transfiguration?

Death and Transfiguration - Terence Davies Trilogy

"They appeared in glory and spoke of his passage, which he was about to fulfill in Jerusalem." - Luke 9:31

In other words, his passion, which he was about to fulfill in Jerusalem.  In Matthew, Christ's prophecy of his passion, as well as his exposition of the doctrine of the cross, precedes the event. [Matt. 16:21-28]  As they descended the mountain, he repeated the prophecy, "The Son of Man will suffer..." [Mt. 17:12]

Take courage.


  1. actually, the word translates literally as His "exodus", with ALL the depth of meaning and fulfillment of foreshadow that implies.

    1. True - just playing with words.

  2. Actually, Elijah just said to Moses, "Moses! I thought you were dead!"

  3. Servus Dei Fr John Hardon SJ gave a retreat for men in 1995 in which he provided a wonderful talk ( the audio is not the best)on the Transgifuration here:

    He also provides this commentary on the Transfiguration, in a separate talk, here:

    "Christ made sure he was transfigured before his passion, so that the disciples… you remember who were the three disciples, Peter, James and John; the same three, remember, who later on fell asleep on him in Gethsemane…. to prepare them for his passion. In other words, that what he foretold he would fulfill; that having suffered he would rise from the dead. In other words, that his suffering was totally, utterly voluntary. I cannot stress that word too much; admitting repeating it would make it more clear. Well, the Lord can’t make more clear what the word voluntary means when we speak of voluntary suffering. And if you’re going to work for the extension of Christ’s kingdom, my friends, there is just no option. You don’t have to look for suffering. Oh, no! You don’t have to ask for it. Oh, no! You’re going to get it! And, from your dearest friends. And then the beauty is, you love it!"



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