Thursday, August 09, 2012

The LCWR Seed Bed: Mothers of Conscious Evolution...

How they've evolved...

These women still have real jobs in the Church.

Many online Catholics are making fun of the LCWR, dismissing them as useless old ladies on their way to extinction - and there are a few who make no secret of an eager anticipation for the 'biological solution'.  Nice Catholic thought.  Anyway - as I mentioned in a comment on another post - these women still work, they remain Catholic women religious - they remain active sisters.  Most still have jobs, some as spiritual directors, some as retreat masters, hospital administrators, others work in parishes and chanceries - and if they themselves are not actively employed in those positions, there remain other sisters in their 'dwindling' communities* who still work.  Archbishop Carlson addressed the assembly, therefore it's not as if they are a group of unemployed church ladies on a North Shore camp out.

Never underestimate the resolve and determination of a nun.

Their keynote speaker, Barbara Marx Hubbard applauded the assembly proclaiming them as the 'seed bed' for evolutionary change in the Catholic Church.  These women simply didn't suddenly materialize this past week, their New Age ideology wasn't just conceived this past week - these women have been cultivating their 'doctrine' for many years.  They have been active participants in the Church, working for a very long time.  Some of them have probably been vocation directors and formation partners in seminaries.  Hence, BMH wasn't so much making a prediction as she was recognizing a fact.  Indeed, she addressed the 'seed bed' which has influenced even the bishops who should have been the ones doing the teaching.  Wake up - the damage is done.

And one of the best hopes for the continuation of humanity, said Barbara Marx Hubbard, are the women religious themselves.

"You are the best seed bed I know for evolving the church and the world in the 21st century," Hubbard, an author known for her advancement of a worldview called "conscious evolution," told the crowd at the annual assembly of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR).

"That may be a surprise for the world, but new things always happen from unexpected places. Let's think of it … that God has given a seed bed that is capable of helping to evolve the world and the church of the 21st century. Why not? Where else would it come from? It has to come from the women." - NCR
Unlike bishops and priests, nuns rarely retire until they're at least 90.  So don't laugh too hard.


*Link to Catholic Culture"Claims that liberal women’s religious orders are dying out “are not based in fact,” according to an analysis by two women religious in America magazine."


  1. Anonymous3:55 AM


  2. Considering all the spiritual harm these women have caused the only comfort their victims have is that the farce can't go on forever.

  3. Anonymous12:42 PM

    You should follow the drama related to Joanne McPortland's takedown of Fr. Martin related to this. She evidently got spanked by the Patheos powers. Too bad.

    Terry, you skipped the part about welcoming the speaker waving orange scarves and chanting to the Spirit. It's not the "heresy" - it's the inaninity.


  4. Lisa: McPortland has repented and paid fealty to the blog monarchy, as required, in order that she might preserve her chair in the blog kingdom of heaven.

    Terry: It seems interesting that Hubbard uses the language "seed bed". In the Catholic lexicon "seed bed" can be understood as "sanguis martyrum est semen Christianorum"--"the blood of martyrs is the seed of Christians". Is she telling us, as they always are, that they are prophets, of course, but now also martyrs who are the only ones in possession of the true faith? How long, oh Lord, how long...

  5. Terry: On second thought maybe the LCWR isn't the seed bed. Instead, maybe they are "the bad seed", gone wild. Remember the movie, The Bad Seed"? I know. I can't help myself. Maybe the Sistas are, you know, Rhoda's progeny ;)


    1. That was such a creepy film, wasn't it?

  6. I always thought is was SO funny.


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