Monday, August 06, 2012

Ah! Look at this!

"O Jesus, King of Love,
I put my trust in thy
 merciful goodness."

Jesus King of Love.

Dom Mark of Silverstream Priory, Stamullen, County Meath, Ireland, writes of the devotion to the Child Jesus, King of Love.  The new Benedictine priory recently received a wood carving of the Little King from a generous benefactor and friend of the monastery.  Fr. Mark summarizes the history of the devotion here:
The image of Jesus, King of Love is linked to the little invocation given by Our Lord to Yvonne Beauvais on 17 August 1922. Yvonne was sojourning at the Augustinian Monastery of Malestroit when Our Lord manifested Himself to her, and : "Say morning and evening, O Jésus, Roi d'Amour, j'ai confiance en votre miséricordieuse bonté. -- O Jesus, King of Love, I put my trust in Thy merciful goodness."

On 28 August 1922, the feast of Saint Augustine, the Doctor of Charity, the Superioress of the Monastery of Malestroit, at Yvonne's request, introduced the practice of reciting the little invocation every morning and evening. She did this without revealing the origin of the prayer and without mentioning Yvonne.

At first, the little invocation spread by word of mouth. In 1927 modest bookmarks bearing an image of the Sacred Heart were printed to promote the recitation of the prayer. In 1932 the Bishop of Vannes, France, approved the invocation for his diocese. The following year, Pope Pius XI indulgenced the prayer for the Augustinian Canonesses of the Mercy of Jesus, for their sick and for those hospitalized in their institutions. Pope Pius XII renewed the favour and, on December 6, 1958, Blessed John XXIII extended it to the universal Church. - Vultus Christi
Fr. Mark composed a consecration prayer, part of which I share here:
we consecrate ourselves to Thee;
and offer to Thy Sacred Heart
all that we have received from Thee:
our life itself,
our strength, and our talents,
our desires, our works, and our humble efforts.
At the same time we offer Thee
our weaknesses and our inconsistencies,
our fears, our failures, and even our sins,
for there is nothing of ours
that Thy merciful love cannot redeem, and heal,
restore, and turn to Thy Father's glory. - Consecration 

I have found that devotion to the Sacred Humanity of Christ, particularly to his infancy and childhood can be efficacious for healing the seemingly incurable wound of sexual abuse, sexual disorder, and obstacles related to arrested emotional development.  The Child Jesus inspires confidence and love, and bestows counsel and fortitude, he quickly stills the most violent storms and passions.  Below, I added a couple of verses to Dom Marco's beautiful consecration prayer:
It is your Sacred Heart, O Jesus, King of Love, 
which is hospital for the healing of sick souls, 
a safe refuge for fearful and anxious souls, 
a school for the confounded and discouraged, 
a welcoming home for poor and restless souls, 
O Jesus, King of love, I put my trust
in thy merciful goodness.

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  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Love this! :)

  2. Love the statue Terry, where can I get a statue like that?

    1. I believe Fr. Mark commissioned it and so it may be the only statue in the world.


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