Friday, August 10, 2012

Archbishop Burke was on Raymundo Live...

 I noticed in a video, Arroyo has a new set.  Nice.

The Cardinal addressed the LCWR issue.

Darn, I missed it.  I used to watch EWTN World Over Live every Friday night, but since it switched to Thursday nights, I always miss it now.  It conflicts with Big Bang Theory and 30 Rock.

Last night Cardinal Burke was on.  He is so kind - and he obviously doesn't think the controversy is a joke, but a very serious problem, stating: "If it (LCWR) can't be reformed, it doesn't have a right to continue."  And he said that because the Holy See is the reason for their existence, and if they do not cooperate with the Holy See - that's it.  I agree - but what are they going to do about all the bad seeds they sowed?

Too bad Cardinal Burke wasn't the man to address the conference instead of Archbishop Carlson.


  1. He was going to address the conference but the hotel couldn't accommodate his cappa magna train.

  2. Thom; You don't tnink he was choking some of the Sistas w/ the cappa magna, do you? I say, they should have never closed the office of the inquisition. Well, here is a solution in lieu of it:

    The Bad Seed (1956) final "curtain call" scene

    God love Burke. He has to be so lonely making straight the way in the wildernes...

  3. Cardinal Burke passes through the desert, making it a place of springs.

    1. Are you implying he needs Depends? I'm so tired of the ageism online.

      What? ;)

  4. Doesn't he though, Doughboy...Doesn't he. God will reward him.


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