Friday, August 03, 2012

Jacques Fesch is a good patron for you - and me.

You know who you are.

I like very much the meditation from today's Magnificat.  It stuns me every time I think about Jacques' rapid ascent in the short time between his arrest and execution.  He writes about faith:
I can see that faith is truly a gift of God.  One believes with the heart, without knowing why or even seeking to know.  The intimate certitude that fills one is enough.  Of all things, love is the most powerful. - Jacques Fesch 
Don't over think it: unlike atheism, it requires humility.

I also love his prayer, his insight considering how we do not know ourselves - it sounds very Teresian...
Lord, give us light.
How hard it is to love someone
 who does not love you,
to open to one
 who does not knock,
to give health to one
 who enjoys being sick
  who cultivates illness...
Have pity on those who have
 no pity for themselves. - JF


  1. How beautiful. I have always notice the picture of him on your blog but never knew anything about him. A true prodigal son. Isn't it wondferful that God give us these bright lights for our encourgement. Thank you Terry.
    Now I want to read the book "In Five Hours I Will See Jesus". Have you read it?

  2. Sorry for my typos ;(

  3. Yes, it was a very good meditation this morning. I had never heard of him before Magnificat brought his life to my attention.


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