Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Chick-fil-A-ppreciation Day! Yay!

Notice the guy at the back in the tie-dye-T and plaid shorts.  I think it is too.

This hare piture wars sent ta me by Stella. [top - up der]  It shurs fulks ate Coffman Uniun ate tha Urneversitay o' Minnersoda Campuss, Manniapolis.

I kud not be thar in su-port, so saraously folks, su-port trad marriage and fray speech, freedom o' religion and all da stuff da gays ur tryin' to take erway.  Yup, I'm aginst da qay marriage crap too.

h/t to Ray at Stella for top photo.

Disclaimer:  2B sure:  I am against gay marriage and I support the Minnesota marriage amendment to protect traditional marriage, etc..  Likewise, I support businesses such as Chick-fil-a taking a stand on social issues, and so on and so forth, etc..  That said, it looks to me everyone waiting in line to place their order today enjoyed themselves - this post was done in that exact same spirit. 

BREAKING!  Update at 17:39 CST  Crescat and the other Catholic blogs at Patheos were down.  Kat and Fr. L posted on Chick-fil-A-ppreciation day - and now there blogs have gone black.  You know what they say - Once you go black, you never come back.  If something happens to my blog, notify the authorities.


  1. Patheos outsources its blogs to India, where the electrical grid collapsed on Tuesday, leaving half the country in the dark. At least they're only blogs, not like the 200 miners trapped underground.

    1. Wow! I didn't know that. I hope Larry doesn't find that out. Thanks.

      Prayers for the miners BTW.

    2. What's a Patheos? lol

  2. E - they are back up now - but I smell curry.

  3. E writes : "Patheos outsources its blogs to India"

    That's fitting. The website with the high volume profit making blogs squeezes every penny of profit it can by foregoing more expensive American labor.

  4. You didn't know I was Indian? I'm from the same tribe as Elizabeth Warren. Oh, you met the other kind of Indian.

  5. hahaha, Terry, you crack me up.


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